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Malu Trevejo Wants Out of Contract Threatens Travis Scott

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Malu Trevejo threatens to expose Travis Scott. Visit for more information The partnership between Travis Scott and Malu Trevejo goes left over a contract dispute. The singer/social media star took to Instagram Tuesday asking Scott to release her from Cactus Jack Records, while threatening to “expose” him if she isn’t allowed to exit her […]

Malu Trevajo Speaks Out Following Separation from Travis Scott’s Label


Popular social media star, Malu Trevejo announced last week that she would be the newest edition to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack record label. Less than a week later, the Instagram influencer has taken to her Instagram story with a change of plans in a new announcement to her fans. Visit for more information “I […]

Travis Scott Signs Malu Trevejo to Cactus Jack-Atlantic Records

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Weeks before his highly-anticipated Astro World festival, and still no lineup details, Travis Scott, in partnership with Atlantic Records, adds a new artist to his Catcus Jack label with the signing of Cuban-American sensation Malu Trevejo announced on Monday afternoon (Oct. 18). Visit for more information Trevejo is a popular 19-year-old Latin-English singer and […]