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Trevor Noah Gaffs on Trump’s Flip on Republicans for Gun Control

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Words by Nick Slay Visit for more information Donald Trump flip flops on issues more than the dice in the board game Trouble, but today he shocked lawmakers by siding with the Democrats on gun control and policy. In the wake of Nikolas Cruz gunning down 17 students and teachers, the nation has been […]

Armed Officer Did Nothing as Florida School Shooter Killed 17 People

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A new report revealed that as the shooting in South Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School took place, an armed officer did not take action and waited outside the school as shots were fired. Visit for more information The Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson was at the school during the shooting and his refusal to act […]

Marco Rubio Holds True To Promise and Gets Behind Donald Trump

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Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, once bitter rivals, are on the road to recovery as the two seem to be building a new alliance as Trump heads into his role as the Republican nominee. Visit for more information Rubio’s recent decision to speak on behalf of Trump at the Republican convention has seemed a bit suspicious in […]

Trump Says If He Doesn’t Get GOP Nomination, There Will Be Riots


It was Wednesday [March 16, 2015] that Donald Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo if he arrives at the GOP convention in July with the most delegates, but fails to get the majority nomination for the Republican Presidential nomination, his supporters could start a riot. “I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it […]

3rd Super Tuesday: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Widen Gaps; Kasich In For The Long Haul

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Yesterday [March 15, 2016], Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump widened their margins significantly after racking up a serious amount of delegates in the third round of Super Tuesday contests. Visit for more information Clinton was declared the winner in four out of five states that voted yesterday: Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida.  The […]

Marco Rubio Drops Out of Presidential Race on #SuperTuesday


It was going to take a Herculean effort from Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio on this #SuperTuesday for the Florida senator to remain relevant in the race for the Republican nomination, and that didn’t come this evening, especially where it mattered most. At the very least, Rubio was going to have to take his home […]

Here’s A Breakdown Of What’s At Stake Today

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After today [Tuesday, March 15], the current presidential campaign as we know it will have changed dramatically. Visit for more information With more than 1,000 combined delegates up for grabs today, voters in five states will be tasked with deciding the shifting fate of the race from here on out. Republican front-runner Donald Trump […]

All Eyes On The Second Round of Super Tuesday

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‘Super Tuesday 2’ is upon us and today we will witness whether or not the two respective front runners can hold their places as top presidential hopefuls. Visit for more information Hillary Clinton will be looking to capture the win in Michigan against opponent Bernie Sanders as a means of creating the momentum she hopes […]

Here’s What Happened on ‘Super Saturday’

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Yesterday’s [March 5, 2016] contests may not have been positioned under the microscope quite as much as past voting days, but its significance still stands. Visit for more information In total, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz won two caucuses each, with the real estate mogul taking Kentucky and Louisiana while the top establishment candidate took […]

Donald Trump & Marco Rubio Flat Out Bickered During Last Night’s Republican Debate

Last night’s Republican debate was full of the off-kilter shenanigans we’re used to from a very colorful cast of candidates, including-but-not-limited-to Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. On stage in Detroit last night during a Fox News engagement with the candidates, it didn’t take long for the shots to begin ringing off, and it couldn’t come […]

Here’s Your Super Tuesday Recap

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The year’s biggest night in voting so far wrapped up last night [March 1, 2016], with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump walking away with major wins in the nation’s Super Tuesday contests. Visit for more information On the Left, things remain the way many predicted, with Clinton taking the lead among older […]

Everything You Need To Know About Super Tuesday

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The biggest voting day of the 2016 presidential primary is here as 11 states and one US territory will take to the polls to take the first steps towards picking our nation’s leader as we enter into a post-Obama era. Visit for more information If the voting so far has taught us anything, it’s […]

Here’s What Happened in South Carolina and Nevada and What It Means

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Yesterday [February 20, 2015] marked the third time voters took to the polls as the Democratic and Republican parties held primaries in Nevada and South Carolina, respectively. Visit for more information The voting in South Carolina was shadowed by the looming question of whether or not Donald Trump might seriously be on his way […]

New Hampshire Recap: Big Wins and Even Bigger Losses


On Tuesday [February 9, 2016], over half a million voters made their way to election polls to cast their ballots in the New Hampshire primaries Visit for more information As predicted, Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R) emerged on top as the anti-establishment picks for their parties, respectively. And while the picks weren’t […]

Here’s What Happened In the Iowa Caucuses and What It All Means


Monday night [February 1, 2016], the Iowa caucuses came to a close, kicking the presidential campaign into high gear while dramatically shifting it from a race that seemed to be in favor of certain candidates to one of great uncertainty. Visit for more information A quick recap will show you Senator Bernie Sanders and […]

Watch SNL’s Hilarious Spoof Of GOP Debate


Former Saturday Night Live cast members Amy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to host the December 19 episode of the long running sketch comedy series and it was a doozy. Bringing together past and present cast members, one of the stand out sketches was the spoof of the GOP debate. Alumni Darrell Hammond reprised his […]