Mardi Gras

Making New Traditions, Celebrating Mardi Gras During a Pandemic


Words by: Michelle Dartez Visit for more information One of the magical things about being born and raised in Louisiana is being able to celebrate Mardi Gras. Depending on what part of the state you are from, the celebration may start earlier while others start closer to the actual holiday. The Mardi Gras hub […]

Highly Intoxicated Driver Injures 28 People At Mardi Gras

news mardi gras crash Neilson Rizzuto

Police have now identified 25-year-old Nielson Rizzuto whose responsible for injuring 28 people after his truck plowed into them at the Endymion Parade, during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Visit for more information The incident took place around 6:45 p.m. Saturday [Feb 25th] on the corner of Orleans and North Carrollton avenues. Authorities say driver Rizzuto appeared […]