New Canadian Study Reportedly Says Marijuana May Prevent The Coronavirus

According to a study being conducted at Canada’s University of Lethbridge, scientists are now theorizing that certain marijuana strains could possibly prevent COVID-19 infection. Researchers at the Calgary college have studied over 400 strains of weed and have concluded that at least a dozen strains aided in preventing the Coronavirus from finding a host in […]

Cannabis Supports Earth Day and our Mental Health

The 50th year anniversary of Earth Day is occurring during a Federal Health Pandemic Lockdown, making it unsafe to get outside and participate in common activities that may be healthy for our environment, such as planting trees or outdoor plants. Over the past 10 years, the return and acceptability of cannabis and hemp related goods […]

2 Chainz Responds to Reports Claiming Marijuana Increases Coronavirus Risk

2 Chainz Responds to Marijuana Increasing Coronavirus Risk

Many people are spending their time at home getting high and drunk. However, new reports suggest that marijuana can increase coronavirus risks and 2 Chainz isn’t here for it. A CNN report claims that even occasional smokers can be of risk. “What happens to your airways when you smoke cannabis is that it causes some […]

Curren$y and Cardo Got Wings Dropping ‘The Green Tape’ This Weekend

Curren$y rarely takes a hiatus from new music, and the New Orleans spitta is back with a new project to cure our Quarantine woes. This time, the Jet Life rapper tapped Producer Cardo Got Wings for the project they’re calling The Green Tape. Curren$y posted a text chain between he and Cardo with the producer […]

New York Governor Promises to Legalize Cannabis this Year

It’s about to be litty. At least that is what the consensus is for many weed-smoking New Yorkers who have been anxiously awaiting the legalization of Cannabis after the governor’s State of the State address. Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “For decades, communities of color were disproportionately affected by the unequal enforcement of marijuana laws.” He […]

Ty Dolla $ign, NBA Star Al Harrington, Ben Baller and More Attend Sherbinskis’ Dispensary Los Angeles Flagship Opening

This past weekend, Sherbinskis hosted a high-profile opening for its flagship store on the iconic Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. The location brought the vision of famed grower Mario Guzman a.k.a. Mr. Sherbinskis to life on one of Hollywood’s hottest streets. A-list guests such as GRAMMY® Award-nominated multi-platinum icon Ty Dolla $ign, NBA star Al Harrington, Ben Baller, SK8, and more attended the exclusive preview. In addition to […]

Woman Finds Weed In Pocket Of Hoodie Bought At Chris Brown Yard Sale

Did Chris Brown Welcome a Baby Boy?

Talk about a bonus! While shopping at Chris Brown’s enormous yard sale in Tarzana, CA. on Wednesday, a woman found a pill bottle full of weed in a hoodie pocket she purchased at the residence. The unidentified woman didn’t notice the pill bottle inside of the “Tumbleweed” brand hoodie labeled “Panda Smoke” until she got […]

Pot Industry in Colorado Eclipses $1 Billion in Tax Revenue

Since legalizing marijuana in 2014, Colorado’s pot industry has surpassed $1 billion in tax revenue for the state. Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana recreationally and since then has been the Mecca for legal pot across the country. Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced the news via Twitter on Wednesday. “The cannabis industry in […]

Wiz Khalifa Reveals he Smoked ‘Pound for Pound’ With Mike Tyson

Wiz Khalifa Reveals he Smoked 'Pound for Pound' With Mike Tyson

When you think of Hip-Hop stoners, Wiz Khalifa is definitely one of the first people to come to mind. But he took to Instagram to flex real quick, and let his followers know that he’s in a league of his own with Mike Tyson when it comes to blazing. The “Roll Up” rapper posted a […]

San Francisco Announces the City Will Overturn Thousands of Marijuana Convictions

As California enters its second full year of marijuana legalization, legal weed enterprises, farms, and dispensaries are booming. The state of California itself made brought in around $74.2 million in marijuana industry tax revenue during the second quarter of 2018 alone. Yet for some California residents, legalization came too late. Until this week, marijuana convictions […]

Michigan Becomes the Latest State to Legalize Marijuana

Weed is now legal in Michigan. The Midwest state has officially joined the nine other states and the District of Columbia in its decision to allows residents ages 21 and up the recreational use of marijuana. The law went into effect on December 6th and it also enables citizens to grow up to 12 plants […]