Josh Gordon Says He Made $10k a Month Selling Weed in College


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has finally be reinstated by the NFL and is expected to be added to the Browns’ active roster this Friday, making him eligible for this Sunday’s match up against the Los Angeles Chargers. The 26-year old wide out has been suspended from the league for the past two years stemming from several violations […]

College Accused Of Targeting Black Students For Drug Testing

College Accused Of Targeting Black Students For Drug Testing

Two African-Americans students at Tennessee’s Trevecca Nazarene University are demanding an apology from school officials after they were allegedly singled out for suspicion of drug use, WSMV-TV reported. “So they get called out, pulled out of bed after midnight, have to submit to a drug test, threatened with a judicial hearing and no apology. No […]

Cassidy Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Outstanding Warrants

Cassidy Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Outstanding Warrants

Cassidy was busted chilling in a parked van on Sunday afternoon in Jersey City when officers got a smell of a strong marijuana odor. Law enforcement say they caught the Philly emcee with a blunt in clear view on the dash board. A weed grinder and baggie was also found upon their search. The “Drink […]

Wiz Khalifa Issues Public Service Announcement: “Lean is Lame”

Wiz Khalifa Issues Public Service Announcement: "Lean is Lame"

Lean and pill laced lyrics and visuals make Hip Hop look like a pharmaceutical giant as of lately, rather than music. “Gettin Up” plays in the background as Wiz Khalifa does “a little bit of thinking.” He shared his insight via Instagram. Making a point to denounce the double-cupped drink of choice. The Pittsburgh MC is an […]

Marijuana Farms Hit Hard By California Wildfires, Will Cause Price Surge

As wildfires have raged across Northern California, claiming lives and scorching more than 200,000 acres, they are also taking a toll on cannabis farmers who have lost both homes and valuable crops — and have little hope of getting help from insurance or banks in an industry that remains legally hazy. “Failed policies have left […]

Damian Marley Becomes Co-Owner Of High Times Magazine


Reggae legend Bob Marley’s son Damian has become a part-owner of the world’s leading marijuana magazine High Times. Damian Marley is one of 20 new investors in the ownership group that bought a controlling interest in the media company behind the popular pot publication, according to TMZ. Damian has been a fan of the magazine […]

Sundawson 420 Best Friend Gift Guide | 15 Cool Gifts for Stylish Stoners


By: Alexis Nadira The Ultimate Gift Guide to a Super Lit 420 in Epic Style! Grab Your Ganja Goddess Sister and Browse Our Top 15 Selections to Help You Enjoy This Years Herbal Festivities. Grind it in Gold | Etsy $25.95 Advertisement Trendy Stoner Style Choker | Reshma B. Chains $110.00 Hollywood’s Elite Vape | Kandy […]

Top 20 Hip-Hop Music Videos For 420


Happy 420 to you cannabis lovers! Start off today’s smokey celebration with our classic video playlist for the occasion. 420 has become prominent in culture and celebrated by many including some of Hip Hop’s greatest artists. While you may enjoy your session or nibble on your favorite edibles, sit back and relax to some of […]

DEA Says That Marijuana Will Remain Illegal As Schedule 1 Drug


Yesterday, the Drug Enforcement Agency announced that it was not rescheduling marijuana, in effect, refusing to recognize marijuana’s medicinal benefits. But in what is viewed as a victory for the marijuana reform movement, the DEA said that it was ending its monopoly on marijuana research. “Keeping marijuana in Schedule I shows that the DEA continues […]

Marijuana Could Contain The Cure To Alzheimer’s Disease


According to a new study published in the Aging and Mechanisms of Disease journal on Friday [July 1], the active compound tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC has the potential to cure Alzheimer’s Disease. The study concluded that the compound in conjunction with others found in marijuana can help with the removal of toxic proteins, amyloid beta, […]

New Study Reveals The Health Risks Of Smoking Marijuana

marijuana horizontal large gallery

According to a new study, marijuana and cigarettes may have more in common than many would like to believe. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, shows that people who have smoked marijuana for up to 20 years have a higher occurrence of gum disease than non-smokers. In a survey that questioned a little over 1,000 […]

Supreme Court Rejects Efforts To Declare Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Unconstitutional

wiz khalifa

Nebraska and Oklahoma recently set out to declare Colorado’s pot legalization unconstitutional, but it looks like the Supreme Court has rejected it. The two states had originally argued that Colorado’s recreational marijuana law violates federal anti-drug laws. They also claimed the legalization in Colorado is negatively affecting their own drug policies, as it’s quickly making its […]

Bill Maher Lights Up Joint During Marijuana Discussion On ‘Real Time’


TV host and political pundit Bill Maher dropped a seven minute tirade aimed at the opposers of legalizing marijuana with guests Margaret Cho and rapper Killer Mike and Zach Galifianakis on his Real Time talk show. At the conclusion of his quasi-speech, Maher sparked up a fatty live on TV. Check out his segment below.

Female CO On Riker’s Island Charged With Rape, Contraband

rikers co

In the 26th bust of a corrections officers breaking the rules on the infamous Riker’s Island, a female guard was charged with the rape of an inmate, along with contraband charges for attempting to smuggle marijuana into the facility. 30 year old corrections officer Nicole Bartley, who was stationed at the George R. Vierno Center […]

U.S. Legal Marijuana Industry Yields $5.4 Billion In 2015


This week, two marijuana analysis and investment firms released a report noting that the industry is booming with the legal sales of cannabis growing to $5.4 billion in 2015, up from $4.6 billion in 2014, says a New York Times report. With the two firms, The ArcView Group, based in San Francisco and New Frontier, […]

New Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Queens, NY

Medical Mary Jane in Queens

In case you missed it, Queens, New York opened its first medical marijuana dispensary right next to the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst, New York on January 22. The center, called Vireo Health of New York, started providing clients with cannabis-based medication products made to help patients suffering from pain associated with a variety of […]

U.S. Companies Have Begun Allowing Employees To Use Marijuana At Work

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You might think that your eyes are deceiving you but no they are not. A few U.S. companies have begun allowing and in some cases encouraging their employees to consume marijuana during work hours. The one obvious point that needs to be outlined is that this is only happening in states that the plant is […]