First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Open In New York This Week

medical marijuana jar

18 Months ago, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Compassionate Care Act, which would allow health officials to have a new certification process for patients who are seriously ill and and in need of medical marijuana. Last fall, Gov. Cuomo revealed that the first dispensary in the state would be opened in January […]

Watch Pizza Hut Employees Smoke Bong In Viral NYE Video


A video has surfaced online showing Pizza Hut employees smoking what appears to be marijuana out of a bong as a way to bring in 2016. The video was allegedly filmed at the Cypress, California location on New Year’s Eve. Accordingly, the employees seen on the video were promptly fired. Advertisement “There is no tolerance […]

Police Investigate Video Of Child Smoking Marijuana


Andrew Holmes was sent a viral video of a child in diapers smoking what appeared to be marijuana and Holmes did more than just block the sender. The Chicago community activist went to police with the video on Wednesday showing what appears to be a toddler being instructed by an adult to inhale the marijuana. […]

Snoop Dogg Speaks On New Marijuana Website On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Snoop Dogg Jimmy Kimmel

Snoop Dogg is without a doubt one of the most famous marijuana enthusiasts ever, right up there with Cheech & Chong. Throughout his career, the Long Beach, CA rapper has never been afraid to let the world know about his favorite plant. Now that marijuana has become decriminalized in several parts of the United States, […]

Morgan Freeman Defends Marijuana Use, Supports Legalization

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Morgan Freeman shoots down opposition to marijuana legalization Morgan Freeman is one of the most dynamic personas in Hollywood, and he may have just reached a new level of interesting, if that was even at all possible. The man who could probably narrate a snail’s daily regiment and make it interesting has defended his own […]

2 Chainz Battled Nancy Grace On CNN Today; The Topic: Marijuana

2 Chainz is “TRU” to form under Nancy’s fire In the wake of everything that’s going on, from Charlie Hebdo to the NAACP shootings, from the tragedy in Nigeria to the major hack in Washington, for some reason, the issue that was so pressing on Nancy Grace’s mind that she had to go and call […]

Oklahoma And Nebraska Sue Colorado Over Its Marijuana Law


States that border the weed legal state are complaining about their new cash crop spilling over into their jurisdiction Oklahoma and Nebraska, two neighboring states to Colorado, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against Colorado’s law legalizing recreational marijuana, contending that it violates the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The original action filed with the […]

Adrian Peterson Is Headed To Jail, Worst Year Ever Continues

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Adrian Peterson is having some year. Not in a good way He’s less than 2 years removed from winning the NFL MVP award, and there’s a very good chance he’s already played his last game in the league. Adrian Peterson was the feel-good story of the 2012 NFL season after he returned from a vicious […]

Jackie Chan’s 32-Year-Old Son Was Arrested On Drug Charges In Beijing

jaycee chan

Get this, while the United States creeps closer and closer to the legalization of marijauna, in Beijing, the opposite is happening. Authorities in China’s capital have recently been holding drug sweeps and — unlike in the U.S. — they’ve been targeting celebrity offenders. This is a stark contrast from what’s takes place here, where celebrities […]

D.C. Police Prepares Info Cards On New Marijuana Law


District of Columbia Police Department prepares wallet-size cards with key facts about The District’s new marijuana law After reports of stark racial disparities in marijuana arrest statistics, The District of Columbia has formed a new law which will change how police handle weed possession. Starting July 17th, police will no longer be able to arrest […]

Watch a Denver Man Offer President Barack Obama a Hit From His Joint

president barack obama hit joint smoke weed want to denver colorado Puff Puff Pass Marijuana laws and legality has been all over the media cycle lately thanks to the recent legalization of medical marijuana in New York state as well as  recreational use becoming legal in Washington state on July 1st.  Colorado has now had full Marijuana freedom since January of this year and as […]

Legalize Weed? Washington State Issues First Retail Marijuana Licenses

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Washington joins Colorado by legalizing recreational marijuana. At 2AM this morning, Washington pot shop owners received electronic licenses granting them approval to open their doors to marijuana enthusiasts for the first time. Owners placed their large orders for various strains of the historic plant and will open on Tuesday. Residents of the north-western state voted […]

Texas Teen Facing Life In Prison For Selling Weed Brownies

weed brownie

Everything’s bigger in Texas…even the sentences. Remember those commercials that came on during cartoons reminding kids not to do drugs? They showed all types of consequences, like passing out, losing friends, making your parents mad, and things of the like. Advertisement They should’ve depicted a kid doing life in prison, that would’ve been pretty accurate. […]