Vending Machines of High Standards

Colorado. Named after the, “Rio Colorado,” which derives from the Hispanic term, “rusty,” or “reddish,” due to its appearance. The land of disappointing sports teams (comparatively), tree-hugging, granola-munching hipsters, purple mountain majesties and furthermore, legal purple kush. Still the development stage of the previously illegal substance, Colorado continues to make landmark breakthroughs regarding their new […]

Bangerz Tour 2014: Miley-nificent or Cyrus-ly Disappointing? A Tour Review

Miley Cyrus. We’ve seen her as the precious family-fun, Hanna Montana, we’ve seen her exponentially step outside of her prior role with her infamous, “Can’t Be Tamed” statement. And now? We’ve seen her practically masterbate on stage, pretend to give an actor dressed up as the 16th president of the United States oral sex, and […]

Super High: Marijuana Flavored Condoms

marijuana, flavored, condoms, stoners

Giving the term “sexual high” a whole new meaning Whether you want a conversation piece, a cool way to show your pot-head boyfriend you still love him, or a superb way to win the heart of your stoner girlfriend, Cannadom allows you to accomplish it with a marijuana flavored condom. One might recommend you start […]

You’d Never Guess The Source of the Munchies…

Apparently, looking for something to snack on after blowing through a marijuana cigarette aka ‘ having the munchies’ isn’t a figment of one’s imagination. According to a recent study, researches have found that the active drug, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) heightens taste and smell, the source of the munchies. Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux and other […]

Antonio Cromartie on Marijuana Use in NFL: ‘Just Let it Go’

Jets CB Antonio Cromartie has a simple solution for NFL higher ups when it comes to the usage of marijuana in the National Football League: “They need to just let it go.” Cromartie sat down with where he offered his opinion on the controversial topic of marijuana and players. “Players are just going to do it anyway. […]

Brendon Ayanbadejo Says Teammates Smoked Marijuana Before the Super Bowl

There’s been a lot of talk about marijuana lately since Colorado legalized it and made it available for general sale and consumption.  There’s also a few players who’ve been suspended for testing positive for the drug.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged the change in times and said he was open to the possibility of players […]

Bill Gates Supported Washington’s Marijuana Legalization

Bill gates, Gates Foundation, Steve Jobs, Melinda Gates, Washington, Seattle, Weed, marijuana

Bill Gates makes so much money that if he dropped a hundred dollar bill, it would cost him more to pick it up than to leave it where it lays…or so the legend goes. What is definitely true is that Microsoft’s founder easily ranks among the wealthiest people alive, and at the same time one of the […]

Reefer Madness

As the times change we have seen an evolution in the moral and personal views behind marijuana and those who use it. While some find the use of marijuana helpful for medical reasons, the average person may partake for recreational purposes.   In a nation where marijuana use has been shunned and looked down upon since […]

Media Watch For The Week Of January 13-19

“NEWS FOR YOU THAT’S HOT FOR REVIEW” Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC Hip-Hop Stars Working Super Hard During Super Bowl Weekend Advertisement . . . . . . . Seattle and Denver are the two teams that will battle it out at the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014.  Jay Z, J. […]

Washington D.C. City Council Panel Approves The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

The nation moves ever so slightly closer to the legalization of those potent plants. A city council panel concerned with public safety in Washington D.C. this morning reached a unanimous decision to decriminalize the use of less than an ounce of marijuana. The offense is no comparable to a parking ticket, or walking through the […]

Medical Marijuana Backer Targets NYC

Medical Marijuana Backer Targets NYC Story by Dana Rubinstein — Capital New York Post by Charles and Randy Fisher @HHSYC Now that Governor Andrew Cuomo has effectively preempted a far-reaching statewide medical marijuana law by announcing his support for a much narrower interpretation of an existing one, some advocates are setting their sights on New […]

Comptroller John Liu And AG Holder Address Failing War On Drugs

Liu Wants to Legalize Marijuana and Holder Addresses Mandatory Minimums for Low Level Nonviolent Offenders By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC This seems to be an interesting week in the world of drugs and criminal justice.  First Attorney General Eric Holder announced that federal prosecutors would now have more discretion in the sentencing of […]

Pot Politics: Public Opinion Leaning Towards Legalization

Medical Marijuana

Polls indicate that public opinion is shifting in favor of legalization of marijuana.  The green debate is no new controversy to this generation. The question of whether or not to legalize bud has put individual states advocating for legalization and the federal government at odds. Despite the federal ban on marijuana, over 18 states plus […]

Chief Keef Arrested….Again

Chief Keef once again finds himself in trouble with the law Chief Keef can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The newly signed Bricksquad Member has found himself in a slew of problems over the past year from violating his probation due to gun use, being sued by his baby mama, mocking the death of […]

How Do We Finally Win the “War on Drugs?” (Part 2)

How do drugs tie in to the Prison Industrial Complex? By Charles and Randy Fisher (@HHSYC) We are 5% of the world’s population but are responsible for 25% of the world’s prison population.  America is the world’s biggest client consuming 25% of the world’s illegal drugs.  Without this demand, there would be no need for […]

Weed Found On Justin Beiber Tour Bus; No Charges Filed

Teen pop sensation dodges drug charge at Stockholm tour stop This afternoon in Stockholm, Sweden, Justin Beiber’s tour bus was searched for marijuana after a police officer caught a whiff of the chronic coming from the vehicle. Although unspecified narcotics were found on the bus by police, no one will be charged with a crime. […]

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Flesh-N-Bone To Help Create New Marijuana Strain

Many rappers are pot-heads or avid smokers but how many rappers do you know can say that they created their own strain of marijuana? Whatever that answer may be get ready to add Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Flesh-N-Bone to that list. Stanley ‘Flesh-N-Bone’ Howse has partnered up with a marijuana facility out in Otisville, Michigan to create […]

Ying Yang Twins Member D-Rock Arrested For DUI

D-Rock from the Ying Yang Twins was arrested for marijuana possession, driving under the influence and child endangerment on June 1st. D-Rock was arrested during the stop and charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of controlled substance, DUI, child endangerment and driving on highway laned for traffic. D-Rock also had […]