Deltas Support Black Films By Bringing Youth To See Marshall

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The opening weekend is critical the success of a film. If a movie doesn’t explode on opening weekend with ticket sales, the studios consider it a failure. Because of this, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. started their Red Carpet movie series to encourage people to come out to support Black films when they first come […]

Reggie Hudlin Proves Why Thurgood Marshall Is Hip-Hop


When we heard that Reggie Hudlin was directing a movie about Thurgood Marshall, starring the new Black Panther Chad Boseman, we did the happy dance: Shmoney Dance. Nae Nae. Hit Them Folks. We did them all. Visit for more information Hudlin is as Hip-Hop as it gets in Hollywood. Since the 90s, he and […]

Check Out The Trailer For Upcoming ‘Marshall’ Movie Starring Chadwick Boseman


Words by Shanice Stephanie Visit for more information Chadwick Boseman; who plays a real life super hero, NAACP lawyer Thurgood Marshall in this synopsis Marshall set to premiere October 13th. This movie is based around Thurgood’s early-career in the court room. Mr. Marshall was an ambitious young civil rights attorney who later on became […]