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Mathew Knowles Admits Beyoncé Was Bad At Math

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Yesterday, Mathew Knowles went on social media and unknowingly threw shade at his legendary daughter. Mathew was talking about the importance of finding your child’s passion and used his daughter Beyoncé’s lack of intellectuality in math to illustrate his point. Visit for more information He posted on Twitter: As parents, we didn’t need for […]

Mathew Knowles Clarifies Leaving Music Industry, Reveals Destiny’s Child Musical Is Back On

Mathew Knowles Clarifies Leaving Music Industry

Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce, talks about Destiny’s Child musical, the pandemic’s impact on the group’s return, and more. Visit for more information In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, business and music mogul Mathew Knowles opened up. He explains what it was like growing up in Alabama; and even reflects on how his two daughters […]

Mathew Knowles Speaks Candidly About Breast Cancer Surgery

Mathew Knowles Speaks Candidly About Breast Cancer Surgery

Mathew Knowles went through breast cancer surgery over the Summer and he opened up about it for the first time on Good Morning America Wednesday morning. Visit for more information Knowles appeared on a pre-recorded episode with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America and gave the world an update on his current health. “I’m […]

[Interview] Meet Mathew Knowles’ New Group BLUSHHH


It’s been a very long time since a girl group has blessed the music industry, stolen our hearts and created the music that empowered our women and intrigued the guys. BLUSHHH is soon to change that. Visit for more information BLUSHHH is a trio a little different from most with two rappers, Sunni and […]

The Return of the Girl Group: Three New Acts To Watch


The 80s was the introduction of Hip Hop to the world. With each new artist and each new song, we were discovering the true depths of Hip Hop and realizing how powerful this sound was, and more importantly how an entire culture was being created. The early 90s was the era of revolutionary Hip Hop […]