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Ex-NBA Player Matt Barnes Threatened With Glock According To Fiancee

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Last week model Anansa Sims’ ex husband, David Patterson Jr., filed a lawsuit against her fiancé, retired NBA player Matt Barnes. The lawsuit came after a spitting incident at a football game where video captured shows Visit for more information Anansa wrote: I’m exhaling, because I hate making private matters public, but in this […]

Celebrities Urge Fans to Not Vote for Kanye West in Upcoming Election

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Since the announcement of Kanye West’s decision to run for President, many celebrities have been vocal on their approach to the matter. Celebrities like 2Chainz and Kim Kardashian West have endorsed Yeezy and even shared that the Chicago rapper would be getting their vote. Visit for more information On the other hand, celebrities like […]

Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims Call It Quits


Ladies, it looks like former NBA player, Matt Barnes is back on the market! The former LA Lakers player and his girlfriend, Anansa Sims have ended their relationship, just a year after welcoming their son, Ashton. Visit for more information A source close to The Shade Room shares that Matt is the one who […]

Matt Barnes Announces Production For New Huey Newton Biopic Film

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In December of 2017, Matt Barnes took to Instagram to announce his retirement from the NBA after a successful fifteen year stint. As apart of his announcement he made it very clear that his new goals involve becoming a billionaire by the age of 50 in correlation with business meetings that allow for him to […]

GS Warriors’ Matt Barnes Says He Handled His Altercation With Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Fisher “Like A Man”

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Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes and Dancing With The Stars contestant Derek Fisher were once friends and teammates as members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Visit for more information That would change a couple of years ago when Barnes got a call from his kids letting him know that his former teammate, Fisher, […]

Matt Barnes Addresses Derek Fisher Situation In New Unfiltered Interview

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Matt Barnes was in the headlines quite a bit over the past several months after his highly publicized physical altercation with former teammate Derek Fisher when it was revealed that the latter was dating Barnes’ estranged wife Gloria Govan. Barnes reportedly drove 95 miles to confront Fisher and frequently threw shots via social media in the […]

Matt Barnes Uses Derek Fisher Meme To Reference D’Angelo Russell

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“Guy Code” violations are not foreign to the NBA considering that before the start of the 2015-2016 season, current Memphis Grizzles forward Matt Barnes reportedly drove 95 miles to put hands on his former teammate and then-Knicks head coach Derek Fisher after he found out that D-Fish was dating his estranged wife Gloria Govan. Today, […]

Matt Barnes Chases Bucks Forward John Henson Into Locker Room After Henson is Ejected

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You would think that, considering the tumultuous off-season Matt Barnes had, that the Grizzlies forward would try to keep a low profile this season, and try to draw more attention to his play than his off-court antics. Visit for more information Then again, if you honestly thought that, you don’t really know Matt Barnes. […]

Gilbert Arenas Says He Was at the Scene of Matt Barnes’ and Derek Fisher’s Fight

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There’s Fisher’s side, there’s Barnes’ side, and then there’s the tru–what?! Visit for more information If you thought the story of Matt Barnes driving a reported 95 miles to his estranged wife’s house to engage in fisticuffs with Knicks coach Derek Fisher was going to die slowly, you thought horribly, horribly wrong. In fact, […]

Matt Barnes Speaks on Off-Season Altercation With Derek Fisher

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“Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.” Visit for more information Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher don’t have much of an on-court history, as their careers only crossed paths during a brief time when both played for the Lakers, but their off-court history is where the fun lies. If you hadn’t heard, just […]

Matt Barnes Launches Suit Collection With Malibu Clothes

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NBA star Matt Barnes has partnered with Malibu Clothes Beverly Hills to launch a new line of suits bearing the name The Barnes Collection. Visit for more information Barnes’ signature collection includes high-quality suits, trendy sportcoats, and modern and classic fits. The trendsetting line aims to bring high-fashion to the menswear market at affordable […]

Matt Barnes Suspended 2 Games For Off-Season Altercation With Derek Fisher


The NBA has suspended Memphis Grizzles forward Matt Barnes for two games following the off-season altercation he had with New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher over the summer. The NBA is suspending Memphis’ Matt Barnes for off-court incident with Knicks coach Derek Fisher, league source tells Yahoo Sports. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) December 28, 2015 Visit […]

The Los Angeles Clippers Have Acquired Lance Stephenson From Charlotte

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Lance Stephenson is on the road again… Visit for more information Lance Stephenson was the enigmatic mid-1st round draft pick that eventually turned into a triple-double machine that was instrumental to the Indiana Pacers’ two Eastern Conference Finals runs in 2013 and 2014, but quickly fell out of favor. As a free agent, he […]