Daytime TV Icon Maury Launches ‘The Results Are In’ Paternity Test Company

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Maury Povich’s legendary daytime talk show is over, but there are families worldwide that need to know who the true father is. According to TMZ, Maury has a solution, launching an at-home DNA paternity testing company named The Results Are In. Visit for more information The new test kits will include instructions on how […]

Long-running Daytime Talk Show ‘Maury’ Canceled by NBCUniversal

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Various citizens across the country will have to locate another source to find out if “You are the father.” After over 30 seasons on the air, Maury has been canceled by NBCUniversal. Visit for more information The show was hosted and executive produced by Maury Povich. New episodes will air through this September, then […]

Maury Povich Invites Drake to his Show for a Paternity Test

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Drake’s beef with Pusha T is officially over. All parties have indicated that the battle is not of interest to anyone to continue. While the blows have been exchanged and there isn’t any more to come, the Hip-Hop community still has questions, specifically in regards to Drake’s possible son. To help out in figuring out […]