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Issa Rae, Timbaland, and Maxine Waters Set for 2023 AfroTech Conference

Issa Rae Insecure Watch Parties

Blavity Inc. has unveiled the star-studded lineup for the 2023 AfroTech Conference in Austin, Texas, from Nov. 1 to 5. This annual event connects Black professionals with inclusive tech companies and influencers shaping major corporations’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Visit for more information Speakers include Issa Rae, Timbaland, Maxine Waters, Sade Muhammad, […]

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Weighs in on the Varsity Blues Scandal

Maxine Waters to be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

It’s been about a week since the Varsity Blues college scandal which included and two well-known actresses, Felicity  Huffman and Lori Loughlin were charged for engaging in fraud to buy students way into certain universities. Well one of our favorite Congresswomen, Maxine Waters is speaking out about it. Visit for more information In a […]

Why Auntie Maxine Waters Has Wall Street Shaking in Their Balenciaga Boots

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Ask any young person you know about Blacks in politics on the national level and you will be hard pressed to find a long list of names. Of course, you will hear President Barack Obama. You might even hear Stacey Abrams on account of her recent campaign or Corey Booker because of his courageous opposition […]

Rep. Maxine Waters Evacuates Office After Alleged Anthrax Delivery

Rep. Maxine Waters Intervenes During LA Traffic Stop

Rep. Maxine Waters’ Los Angeles office got a package Tuesday labeled ‘Anthrax,’ and her office has been emptied, TMZ reports. Visit for more information As indicated by law enforcement sources, a hazardous materials group is on the scene looking at the bundle. Waters received this package shortly after receiving death threats. You can see […]

Maxine Waters to be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Maxine Waters to be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Words by Fatima Barrie Visit for more information Each year, Glamour Magazine profiles a diverse set of powerful women from all walks of life, including the world of philanthropy, entertainment, and politics. Maxine Waters is apart of Glamour’s 2017 Women of the Year. Fierce, outspoken Congresswoman Waters, is being recognized as Glamour’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement […]