Chicago Mayor Sued For Allegedly Denying White Reporter An Interview

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is reportedly being sued by The Daily Caller and Judicial Watch a week after publicly saying she would only allow Black and Brown reporters to interview her one-on-one.  Visit for more information “It’s absurd that an elected official believes she can discriminate on the basis of race,” Daily Caller editor-in-chief Ethan […]

Ella Jones Elected as First Black Mayor of Ferguson, Missouri


Ferguson, Missouri has elected its first African-American mayor. Ms. Ella Jones also becomes the first woman elected to mayor. Visit for more information The New York Times reports Jones is a Ferguson City Council member. Her election comes six years after protests erupted in the city due to the killing of teenager Michael Brown […]

#YangGangNYC Pushes Andrew Yang for Mayor Unless He Goes #BidenorBust


Mayor Andrew Yang… Has a Ring to It… Visit for more information Former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang might not get the POTUS seat in 2020, but that does not mean he won’t consider an executive position elsewhere. According to Emma O’Connor from Buzzfeed, he told her flat out when she asked about running for […]

WWE Superstar Kane Becomes Mayor Of Knoxville, Tennessee

WWE Superstar Kane Becomes Mayor Of Knoxville, Tennessee

“The Big Red Machine” is trading in his wrestling gear for a political role. Glenn Jacobs, best known as Kane – a long-serving WWE superstar and former world champion – has been elected mayor of the third-most populous county in Tennessee. Congratulations to @KaneWWE on being elected Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee! — WWE (@WWE) […]

Election Day: Why Is Today’s Election Important?


So it’s election day but we aren’t voting for the President so some may not even see the importance of voting. Visit for more information So who are we voting for? Voters are electing two governors, a few big-city mayors, one member of Congress and deciding a first-in-the-nation ballot measure in an election dominated […]

Black Lives Matter Activist, DeRay Mckesson Is Running for Mayor of Baltimore


Meet the Black Lives Matter advocate doing more than just protesting. Visit for more information Thirty-year old DeRay Mckesson, who rose to prominence in the past year after being one of the forerunners of the national Black Lives Matter movement, has officially filed to run for mayor of Baltimore just 83 days before election […]