Beats By Dre Partners With Black Creators To Make Afrofuturism Content

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The Beats by Dre‘s Beats by Black Creators program challenged HBCU students to create a film and soundtrack based on the Afrofuturism concept. Visit for more information With that being said, Maze is a coming-of-age psychological thriller directed by Spellman student Miya Scaggs! In fact, the thrilling new project came about as a collaborative […]

R&B Legend Frankie Beverley Loves Beyoncé’s ‘Before I Let Go’ Cover


One of the biggest takeaways from Beyoncé’s Homecoming, a documentary detailing her iconic performance at Coachella aka Beychella performance, was her remake of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly’s Black national anthem “Before I Let Go.” Some purists believed the cover is almost sacrilegious but there are many (Shout out to the Beyhive) who loved her rendition […]