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Brooklyn Jury Says That 5Pointz Graffiti Mecca Was Illegally Destroyed

After almost 50 years of pop culture history, graffiti has finally been recognized as an art form by the law of the land. A Brooklyn jury unanimously reached a decision that the 5Pointz outdoor graffiti gallery in Long Island City, Queens was destroyed and whitewashed by NYC real estate developer Jerry Wolkoff. The finding by […] EXLCUSIVE Interview With Creator Of Sean Price Mural MERES One


Exactly one month following the untimely death of Boot Camp Clik new millenial frontman Sean Price, conducts an exclusive interview with MERES One, the creator of the famed Sean Price memorial mural located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn that has been visited over the past month by thousands. MERES, who is also the founder of […]

Off The Wall: MERES ONE


This week’s edition of Off The Wall features Brooklyn’s own Meres 1 In the graff world, you have vandals, writers, bombers, and then you have artists. One of the most illustrious artists to blossom out of the Rotten Apple’s graff scene is BK’s own MERES. As the curator at the now defunct 5 Pointz Art/Graffiti […]