How The Notion Of Dark-Skinned Prejudice Affected Power’s Naturi Naughton As A Girl?


85 years ago, Hollywood observed and made commentary on the social demon of colorism. White-American director John M. Stahl brought to life William Hurlbut’s screenplay (based off Fannie Hurst’s novel). Disrobing various racial tropes about Blackness of film, this collective peeled away how difficult skin complexion is for Black people in America, and how the […]

Merriam-Webster Dictionary to Include ‘Stan’ Inspired by Eminem’s Song

Merriam WebsterDictionarytoInclude'Stan'InspiredbyEminem'sSong

Two years ago the Oxford English Dictionary added the word Stan to its collection after being popularized by rapper Eminem in the 2000s by his song of the same name. Now the word will be added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The people over at Merriam-Webster announced that they added 640 words to their database, including […]

The Word ‘Jawn’ is About to be in the Dictionary

The Word 'Jawn' is About to be in the Dictionary

What in the name of The Fresh Prince is going on? You know that annoying word that every person from Philly says that basically is a street version of “Smurf”, a word to describe any person, place or thing… yeah that word… “Jawn”. Well, thanks to Merriam-Webster it’s about to be up in the dictionary. […]