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Idris Elba Firmly Supports #MeToo Movement


British actor Idris Elba is closing out 2018 with a bang, His critically acclaimed BBC hit series Luther will make its return to the small screen. People magazine named him as the “sexiest man alive.” Even his daughter was named a Golden Globe ambassador. He is winning. But Elba’s desire is also for women to […]

Can Hip-Hop Learn Anything From The Fall of CBS Exec Les Moonves?

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Is anyone startled that Les Moonves stepped down from his position at CBS on Sunday? For decades, Les Moonves has blazed the type of career in television that is worthy of textbook inclusion. From his meteoric rise in the 80s to his ascension to Office of President of CBS in the 90s, he has set […]

Bow Wow Slams Accusers of #MeToo Movement

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The #MeToo and Times Up Movement has brought Jamie Foxx to the forefront as he has been accused of smacking a woman with his genitalia. Foxx denies the case and is ready to go to court over the sexual misconduct statement but Bow Wow has also chimed in on the latest news. Bow Wow’s statement […]

Bill Clinton Says He Doesn’t Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

Bill Clinton Says He Doesn't Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

Bill Clinton admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Monica Lewinsky in two decades, and is adamant that he doesn’t owe her an apology. The former President and author James Patterson stopped by NBC to promote a book they co-authored. Clinton was asked about the #MeToo movement and responded saying that he already apologized to the former White […]

NBC’s Tom Brokaw Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In The 90s

Tom Brokaw by David Shankbone

A woman who once worked as a war correspondent for NBC News has accused Tom Brokaw, the United States’ top-rated television newsman for much of his career, of sexual impropriety in the 1990s, media reports said on Thursday. Brokaw, 78, denied the allegations to the publications in a statement issued by NBC News, which has […]

School In Trouble For Telling Girls They Must Say “YES” To Boys

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A Utah elementary school is receiving a lot of negativity after implementing a new rule that had most parents concerned. Kanesville Elementary School in Ogden is known for their Valentine’s Day dance every year. This year, however was a little different. With intentions to promote “inclusion” and “kindness” the female students have been told by […]

Jay-Z Share Views on Trump, #MeToo Movement on “The Van Jones Show”

Jay Z Van Jones

Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu In 2017, Van Jones made a big move as he signed on to Roc Nation’s management team.  January brought on the official premiere of Jones’ The Van Jones Show, and Jay-Z received the honor as the show’s first guest. He took this time to really expand on his publicized issues […]

#MeToo Women to Attend Trump’s First State of Union Address

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The State of Union Address is set for Jan. 30th. It is an annual message presented by the President of the United States, to a joint session of the United States Congress. Typically, the president’s purpose in the address is to highlight his agenda on national priorities; and give a review of what has occurred […]