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President Obama and the First Lady Meet Families of San Bernadino Victims


Now becoming a well-known trend of his presidency, Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama privately met with the families of the victims of another deadly terror attack as they made their way to San Bernadino Friday evening [December 18, 2015]. Despite the pain and the heartache that they’re feeling, they could not have been more […]

Michelle Obama Drops Bars in Music Video With Jay Pharaoh, “Go To College”

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From her programs on everything from education to healthy eating, there’s no argument that Michelle Obama has made some of her goals and initiatives clear during her time as First Lady. Her understanding that Hip-Hop has a major influence on the youth has been clear as well, as she recently invited Wale to the White […]

Ashanti and FLOTUS Michelle Obama Team Up

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FLOTUS Michelle Obama wants R&B lovers to #DrinkUp.. In efforts towards Michelle Obama’s #DrinkUp campaign, Ashanti will be releasing her latest song “Let Go” after fans “donate” water by hash tagging #DrinkUpAshanti. The song will be released on iTunes after transforming into “a gorgeous, richly colored palette that features flowers created by the aggregated tweets.” […]

Michelle Obama Premiered A Snippet of Justin Bieber’s Next Single

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Yes, you read that right. Still, it’s not like the FLOTUS up and dropped a selfie video of her in the studio with Biebervelli playing a snippet of his forthcoming album, Purpose. Rather, her #BetterMakeRoom initiative, which united Vine comedy stars in an effort to show how viral video content effectively reaches youth, featured popular […]

Her Source | Seven Influential Black Women That We Should All Know

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Today marks the beginning of Black history month and it’s only fitting to pay homage to 7 very influential women that we should all know, from Harriet Tubman to Oprah. There are so many original women who have reshaped the course of history, and taking a moment to acknowledge them is a matter of respect […]

Michelle Obama Makes Cringe-Worthy “Turn-ip For What” Vine


The White House needs a new social media advisor, stat Michelle Obama has led a healthy eating, anti-obesity initiative for pretty much her entire tenure as The First Lady of the United States, so it’s pretty obvious why she jumped at the chance to turn Lil’ Jon’s hit single, “Turn Down For What”, into “Turnip […]

Landmark Case: Brown Vs. Board Of Education Turns 60 Today!


  The landmark case Brown versus Board of Education which de-segregated public education in America, turns 60 today. In May 17, 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court held that the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine had no place in public education. Advertisement The civil rights’ landmark victory exposed white and black students to each other for the first […]

Michelle Obama To Appear On ‘Parks’

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It appears President Barack Obama isn’t the only one in the White House with some star power since Michelle Obama will be heading to Pawnee, Indiana. The first lady will be guest starring on the season finale of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The episode was filmed in Miami and will air Thursday, April 24. Obama’s […]