Mick Jenkins

Learn How To Be Your “Own Man” With Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins

Head full of mischief/car full of b*tches… With a tribal beat from the depths of the Earth’s core, courtesy of Odd Couple, Alex Wiley and Mick Jenkins give their thoughts on decisions they’ve made since entering the Rap game. No girl or industry person is going to stop the Chicago artists from pursuing their dreams […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 2/7/14

Architect your nightmares like Freddy… The Winter Olympics kicked off last night with the opening ceremonies taking place tonight. Meanwhile, the disgraceful, walking spectacle that is George Zimmerman continues to make headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Well, let’s turn our attention to something else this weekend-fresh music. You know the drill: Sound off […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 1/17/14

Travel the world like a Globetrotter Shout out to all the artists who continue to make dope music without a deal. And if you have a deal that’s not major, shout out to you as well. Basically, shout out to anyone continuing to stay true to their craft and making dope music that knows no […]

Mick Jenkins Plays The Role Of King “Leonidas” On New Release

Noteworthy Chicago Upstart Drops Latest Record From Upcoming Mixtape      If you haven’t noticed Chicago, Illinois is in the midst of a rap renaissance. Drill music and the violence it narrates, as documented by WSHH’s latest original production, have taken a large chunk of America’s attention. At the same time a movement of more […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: 12/20/13

Handle more dope than the Snowman… The holidays are quickly approaching but let’s not lose sight of what this Friday should mean to all of us-new music from artists under most of your radars…and sharing. So we wanted to share some dope singles and videos from some artists that you may start to love and […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 11/8/13

Cool like a ceiling fan… With the first week of November down, we are that much closer to Thanksgiving, eating our weight in food, and sales that will drive everyone in your family crazy. But before we get to that comatose state of the itus and fatigue from shopping, get ready this weekend with some […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 10/4/13

Bow down before you approach the crown And we’re live! Again! Yes, it’s still warm. Yes, the government is still shut down. And yes, the Jets quarterback is still turning the ball over (it’s okay, I’m a Jets fan). So instead of talking about what everyone else is talking about, why not talk about some […]

Feast Your Eyes On Mick Jenkins’ Latest Video “Lack”

Although Chicago has always been a hotbed for hip-hop talent, the city has seen a recent resurgence in popularity due to the contributions of a new batch of young and rising stars. Many of the artists bearing the banner for the Second City have been a reflection of the area’s high crime and murder rate, […]

Support Your Local Rapper

This great country of ours was founded and continues to thrive on the spirit of entrepreneurialism. If you didn’t like the way someone did something and you thought you could do it better, you went and did it! And to spotlight and celebrate the undying integrity, hard work, and passion of these individuals, we have […]