Microsoft Rumored to Cut 11,000 Jobs in Forthcoming Days

Microsoft Rumored to Cut 11,000 Jobs in Forthcoming Days

Microsoft will begin 2023 with massive layoffs. According to CBS News, the tech giant will shed talent due to the impact of the economy. Visit for more information The news, originally reported by Sky News, states the software company will announce the layoffs in the forthcoming days, and nearly 5% or 11,000 positions will […]

Sony Stocks Take a Huge Hit Day After Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard

Sony Stocks Take a Huge Hit Day After Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard

After Microsoft flexed its muscles in acquiring Activision Blizzard, Sony has already felt the ramifications of that move. Sony’s stock reportedly took a $20 billion dollar hit a day after the Microsoft news broke. Visit for more information As detailed in a report by Bloomberg, Sony Group Corp. shares reportedly fell by 13% in Tokyo […]

Microsoft Becomes Third-Largest Gaming Company After Acquiring Activision

Activision is now a property of Microsoft. The company, which creates Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and more have been acquired by the tech giant.

Activision is now a property of Microsoft. The company, which creates Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and more have been acquired by the tech giant. According to The Verge, Activision is now valued at $68.7 billion. The acquisition makes Microsoft the third-largest gaming company behind Tencent and Sony. Visit for more information Once […]

Oracle Strikes Deal for TikTok After Microsoft’s Bid Gets Rejected

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Oracle has reportedly landed a deal with ByteDance over the app TikTok. Microsoft was also in the running for the app but their bid was declined by the Chinese internet technology company. Visit for more information Microsoft released a statement saying that they did not win the bid. “ByteDance let us know today they […]

Microsoft Working Toward Deal to Purchase Tik Tok

Bill Gates Says Donald Trump Asked What's the Difference Between HIV and HPV Twice

Microsoft is serious about buying Tik Tok and some outlets are reporting that the deal is expected to be done in Mid-September. President Trump on Friday announced plans to ban the app from the United States. Visit for more information Microsoft announced plans to buy the app in part to avoid U.S. bans from […]

Virtual Football Players Rejoice! NFL and EA Sports Extend Madden Through 2026

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Have no fear, o ye Madden faithful! The Madden franchise will continue for at least the next six years. Visit for more information On Thursday, NFL owners approved an extension of their deal with Electronic Arts. The relationship is now going on 30 years and will not be stopping anytime soon. The extension was […]

EA Sports Dropped ‘Madden 21’ Evolution Trailer For Xbox Series X NextGen System


Microsoft showcased some of their upcoming games for their new Xbox Series X console this week. One iconic gaming franchise used the opportunity to let us know what we can expect in the near future. Visit for more information Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes revealed Thursday that Madden NFL 21 will be available on the Xbox Series […]

Bill Gates Steps Down From Microsoft Board of Directors

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Tech Billionaire Bill Gates is stepping down from the Microsoft Board of Directors to focus on philanthropy full time according to new reports. Visit for more information According to Axios, the Microsoft founder wants to focus on global health and education humanitarian efforts. Gates and his wife Melinda started the Bill & Melinda Gates […]

Microsoft Reveal Some of the Specs and Features for Upcoming Xbox Series X Console

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Are you ready for the next-gen war to begin? Looks like Microsoft is ready and is finally dropping some info about their new system. Visit for more information Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X will not only have more graphics power and a solid-state drive for faster loading but will also be backward compatible with all the previous […]

Microsoft Unveiled Next-Gen Xbox Series X System At 2019 Video Game Award Show


The next generation of Xbox was revealed at the 2019 Video Game Awards show. Visit for more information The next Xbox, formerly codenamed Project Scarlett, will be called Xbox Series X. The console itself was also shown (seen in the trailer below), as well as a trailer for the newly announced Senua’s Saga: Hellbade 2 from developer […]

Microsoft and Sony to Partner on New Cloud Based Sharing Technology

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In business, sometimes it’s in your best interest to work with your competition. Visit for more information On May 16, Microsoft and Sony have announced a partnership that includes technology and information sharing. The announcement states the two will jointly develop future cloud solutions within Microsoft Azure. The mention of Microsoft’s cloud solutions in gaming […]

Google is Entering the Video Game Market With the Announcement of ‘Stadia’


Google just beat Microsoft at their own game. Visit for more information Google has unveiled its new gaming initiative, Stadia, detailing features for players, developers, and streamers, as well as giving an overall vision of Google’s future game streaming platform. Introducing #Stadia, an all-new way to play from Google. Coming in 2019 → […]

Microsoft Reporting Dropping Two New Xbox Systems By 2020

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Microsoft and Xbox are set to be already on to the next one. New reports suggest that Microsoft will unveil two new Xbox hardware platforms during E3 2019 and that Halo Infinite will launch alongside them. The report says that they are the Xbox Lockheart and the Xbox Anaconda. Visit for more information The […]

Microsoft Xbox Live Soon Heading to Nintendo Switch

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Microsoft is about to do something that has never been done in the gaming industry before. Visit for more information Microsoft has revealed plans to bring its Xbox Live video gaming platform to the Nintendo Switch, Apple’s iOS, and Android devices, an effort that will connect players across different devices and bring Xbox games […]

Co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, Dead at 65

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Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft passed away today (Oct 16) at the age of 65 in Seattle. Ironically, this is the same city in which he was born. His death was a result of complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Visit for more information Allen was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1982. The year following that, he resigned before […]

An Uneasy Partnership: Microsoft Employees Pressure Company to End Ties with ICE

Microsoft Employees Protesting the Company for Working With ICE

In 2018, data management is a necessary (and lucrative) business for many tech companies. After all, personal data is used in every aspect of Americans’ daily lives- from renewing drivers licenses to online banking to quickly allowing employers to run background checks for new employees. But one data management partnership that has some Microsoft employees […]

Microsoft Employees Protesting the Company for Working With ICE

Microsoft Employees Protesting the Company for Working With ICE

Over 100 Microsoft employees contributed to an open letter that calls for the end of the relationship between the software’s maker and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who is responsible for separating migrant children from their families by the Mexican border. Visit for more information “We believe that Microsoft must take an ethical stand, and […]