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Mitt Romney Announces His Support for Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee


After being critical of President Donald Trump in the past stating he “has not risen to the mantle of the office,” Senator Mitt Romney has announced his support of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. “I intend to follow the Constitution and precedent in considering the president’s nominee. If the nominee reaches the Senate floor, I intend […]

Mitt Romney Joins Black Lives Matter Protest in Washington D.C.


Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney joined Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington D.C. on Sunday as a rebuke to police brutality. Romney has been critical of the police-involved killing of George Floyd. “No Americans should fear enmity and harm from those sworn to protect us. The death of George Floyd must not be in vain: […]

Mitt Romney Proposes $1000 to Every American During Coronavirus Outbreak


Channeling his inner Andrew Yang, Utah Senator Mitt Romney proposes writing checks of $1000 to every American as the coronavirus outbreak continues to take its toll on workers. Romney stated in a press release that Congress should move forward with the proposed legislation as a “short-term” easing of the financial obligations of people who due […]

[Op-Ed] Friend or Foe: Why Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Care About Women


Nicki Minaj has championed her career on being the “voice” for women who are powerless but over the year her decisions both professionally and personally have shown otherwise. In 2010 when Nicki burst on the mainstream stage, she rode the wave as the sexually liberated woman who was bossing her way to the top by […]

Donald Trump Says Mitt Romney Would’ve “Dropped to His Knees” if He Asked

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In a speech on Thursday, former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney delivered a speech aimed at taking down Donald Trump, calling the current Republican front-runner a “phony” and a “fraud,” citing misogyny, greed and third-party politics as more reasons that Trump shouldn’t be placed on the Republican ticket for November’s general elections. “His promises are as worthless […]