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Trump Plans To Speak at An Arizona Rally Against Voting Rights on MLK’s Birthday

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Trump is scheduled to speak at an Arizona rally on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Visit for more information A Trump rally is taking place in Arizona today. The 45th President will speak at the rally in Florence southeast of Phoenix. Apparently Trump intends to rally his followers for a 2024 re-election run. Today […]

Watch The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show Troll Pedestrians Into Believing Martin Luther King Jr Endorsed Donald Trump


Visit for more information Of all Jimmy Kimmel‘s segments, “Lie Witness News” is probably the most equally hilarious and terrifying. The segment generally consists of a reporter (including Drake) canvassing pedestrians for opinions on fictitious occurrences. Now it’s hilarious because it goes to show the average American might not be as fully aware of general […]

Protesters Shut Down San Francisco’s Bay Bridge on MLK Day

Yesterday (January 18) all lanes of the Bay Bridge going into San Francisco were blocked by #BlackLivesMatter protesters just east of Treasure Island, according to California State Troopers. Visit for more information At 4pm, California activism group Black Seed, a Black and Queer liberation group, announced they’d taken the Bay Bridge and claimed responsibility for […]

‘MLK Day’ Celebrates Dr. King’s Legacy And His Many Contributions To Civil Rights

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On Monday [January 18, 2016] the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will join the nation in celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King‘s legacy and his many contributions to civil rights. Visit for more information Between 1957 and 1968, Dr. King journeyed over six million miles and spoke over twenty-five hundred times for the advancement of […]