Travius Keandric Releases Intoxicating New Single “Molly”


Travius Keandric is not your average artist. He is a storyteller. A lyricist. A, what we’d call… a ‘rap-tivist.’ He uses his platform and voice to not just entertain but to empower. That stems even outside of the music, as he is also a registered nurse. His desire to help others was apparent as early […]

Future Commits to No Longer Using Lean on ‘The WIZRD’ Live Interview


One of the most influential artists of the decade has admitted that he no longer indulges in drinking lean, a deadly mixture of promethazine and soda, hence one of its monikers, “dirty Sprite”. Visit for more information Future admitted in a candid interview that he originally didn’t want to go public with his sobriety […]

Joyner Lucas Addresses Drug Glorification in Hip-Hop

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas isn’t afraid to use his voice to address social issues of the time. He took direct aim at white supremacy in the visual for his “I’m Not Racist” single. Visit for more information Lucas recently visited Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, here he openly discussed an assortment of topics. However, the Massachusetts MC took […]

New Study Confirms That Hip Hop Music Has Less Drug References Than Any Genre


In recent years, much attention has been paid to the prevalence of lyrics glorifying the use of drugs in Rap music. In addition to decades of references to alcohol and cannabis, over the last few years, a number of artists have rapped about MDMA (aka Molly) and other substances, including prescription-strength cough syrup mixed with […]

Hood Health 101: “The Pillage” Pill Culture In the U.S.

Hood Health  logo

In the wake of the continual demonetization of marijuana(despite states opting for its recreational use and advances made in the medical field utilizing it), a true drug crisis has embedded itself in society. Pill abuse is at an all time high. The pills in question are both prescription pills (such as pain relievers) and non-prescription […]