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A Preview Of Monday’s Episode Of Love And Hip Hop NY

On last week episode of Love and Hip Hop, Tara admitted that she couldn’t resist her feelings for Peter after what they been through and that he is finally playing the husband role after Amina brought him a ring. On this preview of Monday’s episode K. Michelle and Yandy brought up the situation between him […]

A Sneak Preivew Of Tonight’s Episode Of Love & Hip Hop NY

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A preview of tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop On this sneak preview of tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NY,we see Erica J. and Saigon discussing their son and as they are talking it turns into an argument over her parenting ways. Wanna see what happens tune in tonight at 8 pm […]

A Preview Of Tonight’s Episode Of Love & Hip-Hop NY

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A glance at tonight’s episode  In this sneak preview of tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NY, we see Peter talking to Saigon and Rich about his situation with Tara and Amina. Saigon didn’t know about the situation between Amina and Peter until he revealed that he is married to Amina. They are all […]

Sneak Preview Of Tonight’s Episode Of Love & Hip-Hop NY Season Four

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Be careful  On the sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop, Rich and Erica meet up to talk about what happened when they talked to Nya. In true Erica Mena form, she throws shade at Nya. Advertisement   “Chicks and big heads don’t mix, so like, she needs to calm down,” Erica said.  “The only dollars […]

11 Things We Learned Watching L&HH EP.2


Love & Hip Hop 3 Episode 2 Recap 11 Things We Learned… Advertisement   1. Newcomer red head resident Rashidah is more then a shoe stylist–she doubles as the hood therapist and isn’t too happy about Tahiry’s turbulent relationship with Joe. 2. Winter Ramos has worked and slept around in the music industry for years […]

Love & Hip Hop 3 Star Tahiry Jose Unleashed!


Love and Hip Hop 3 started off its season officially introducing us to the feisty, ex of Joe Budden— Tahiry Jose. The world first fell in love with her booming personality on the internet via JoeBudden TV. Below, the stunning Harlem-native sets the record straight about her relationship with Joey and gossiping girls. What did […]

Love & Hip Hop 3 Ep. 1 Recap + Joe Budden Speaks!

Joe and Kaylin

Last night’s premiere of Love and Hip Hop 3 went off with a bang and didn’t disappoint with the drama in its first episode. Our industry vet Joe Budden reunites with his ex flame the fiery ‘Dominican booty’— I mean beauty, Tahiry, who doesn’t wait to explode on Joe in the first scene for saying […]

Behind The Machine: Mona Scott Young

1. What made you initially want to enter the music industry? It’s not really something I pursued but once the opportunity presented itself I jumped in head first with no parachute. I love this business. I don’t think any other profession offers the same freedom and limitless potential for entrepreneurship. It’s been a great ride […]