Husser Puts Montreal On The Map With ‘Geto Rock For The Youth’


Hip-hop’s influence has stretched far beyond the hot-spot destinations we’ve come to know. Also, it’s no secret that you can feel the influence of the genre anywhere in the world. In this case, north of the border in Toronto’s neighboring city, Montreal, resides Husser. A rapper whose unique approach to the genre is delightfully hard […]

On The Rise: KGoon Makes His Debut With “Tables Turn”

KGoon Tables Turn

KGoon’s been waiting on this moment, Visit for more information Raised in Montreal, the predominantly french-speaking city approximately 340 miles miles east of Toronto, the young rapper has been part of a music renaissance in a city with a slew talent left often overlooked. And as he delivers his debut release, Goon is making […]

[WATCH] KGoon Rolls Out New Single “Thousand”


Last summer was KGoon’s, and he’s prepared to bring that same narrative to Summer Seventeen. Visit for more information A growing staple within Montreal’s burgeoning Hip-Hop scene, Goon’s been on something of a roll as of late. His breakout single “100 Bandz” dominated the city last year and on the heels of that success, […]

Making the Connection Between ‘Jane Doe No. 59’ and Charles Manson

Jane Doe Manson

California police have now identified “Jane Doe No. 59,” but have yet to identify who her killer may have been, according to reports. Visit for more information The question still remains as to whether or not Charles Manson may have been her killer, but Manson gave investigators no answers when they tried to pry […]

Drake Announces ‘Jungle Tour’ with Future

drake tour

While news about Drake was already being stirred up from his Coachella make-out session with Madonna, he decided to stir things up a bit more by dropping his tour dates. Visit for more information With five words and one post, Drake announced his six stop Jungle Tour with Future. On My 24th Drake will […]