Why Mothers Should Take Their Daughters To See Black Panther

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Words by Nick Slay Visit for more information Chadwick Boseman does an awesome job as T’Challa, however the women of Wakanda are the real stars. Somewhere there’s a little boy texting his pops for the 15th time, asking when are they going to see Black Panther this weekend. A new American tradition has emerged, […]

Big Booties, Pretty Looks or Brains: Which One Scientists Say Mothers Contribute To Most

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“She Get Its From Her Mama”- Juvenile Visit for more information While Juvenile might have been talking about Shaniqua’s MILF-like booty, studies show that moms give more to their daughters than rump-shakers. In fact, research supports something that many of us have always known— a kid’s intelligence comes expressly from their mother.  According to […]