Quotes on Setting Goals

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Goals are important for our success. Remember when you set a goal, think of the process of how you are going to get there. The journey is just as powerful as the destination. Visit for more information Here are some quotes on setting goals. “Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They […]

Feeling Stuck? Here’s How To Soar Through the Struggle

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We all have a time where everything seems to be hitting a wall. There are times when one area of our life is so out of whack you can’t focus on anything good that is happening around you. Visit for more information Here is a general guide that will help you put things in […]

Some Quotes To Motivate You For The Week To Come

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There is always a reason, purpose, and motivation behind our decisions in life. Some of us are naturally motivated and others need a little push. It is important to understand your “Why” behind your decision. If you need a little push with motivation here are some quotes that will help you get back on track. Visit […]

Will Smith Announces Upcoming Motivational Book

Will Smith Announces Upcoming Motivational Book

Will Smith has always been a motivational character to many. He’s been using his Instagram as a platform to send inspirational messages to his fans. It seems as though the actor is leveling up on his wisdom as he takes his influential thoughts and putting them on paper in his new book. Smith has teamed up […]

Drake Delivers Moving Speech To Youth In South Africa

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Drizzy is a man of many hats, and his perspective on life that reflects it. Visit for more information On Monday, the “6God” hit up Nelson Mandela’s Centre Of Memory to talk about his life experiences and how he became the huge international figure he is today. In a room full of anxious eyes and […]