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Museum Of Graffiti Announces Exclusive Product Collaborations With OSGEMEOS, CES and  Atomik

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This Art Basel Miami week, the Museum of Graffiti is set to release three exclusive collaborations with today’s top artists. These highly anticipated drops will each take place inside the Museum’s world renown gift shop prior to being made available online. Visit for more information Kicking off the week on December 6 is the MOG x Atomik Umbrella release […]

The Art of Hip Hop: A Cultural Celebration At Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

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Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Hip Hop as the Founders of the Museum Of Graffiti unveil their latest creation, “The Art of Hip Hop,” during Art Basel Miami Beach 2023. This immersive educational exhibition promises to celebrate the rich history and cultural significance of Hip Hop, focusing on the unsung heroes […]

Shanghai Graffiti Artist Vance DNA Debuts First US Solo Exhibit in Miami At Museum Of Graffiti

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Two decades ago, in the tranquil realms of rural China, a Wu Tang CD forever altered the artistic destiny of VanceDNA. The Museum of Graffiti now brings this electrifying sensation from Shanghai to the heart of Wynwood. Renowned for his transformative ability,VanceDNA morphs American pop culture icons into 2-dimensional transparent figures, offering a fresh perspective that’s […]

The Grand Opening Of ‘TRANSPARENT’ By Vance DNA At Miami’s Museum of Graffiti Coming In September

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The Museum of Graffiti proudly announces the VIP Grand Opening Celebration of “TRANSPARENT” – a solo exhibition by the visionary Shanghai-based artist and Chinese painter Vance DNA. This new body of work offers a fresh perspective on style straight from Shanghai. The opening is set for September 9, 2023, from 6PM – 9PM. Visit […]

Airbrush Masterclass With Graffiti Artist Shirt King PHADE At Museum Of Graffiti

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The Museum of Graffiti is thrilled to announce an exclusive evening with the iconic graffiti artist and airbrush pioneer Edwin “PHADE” Sacasa, better known as Shirt King PHADE. As part of Modelo’s Summer Culture Series to celebrate the contributions of black and brown graffiti artists across generations, PHADE will be leading an extraordinary Airbrush Masterclass on July 7th, 2023, from 6pm to 9pm.  […]

Grand Opening of Museum of Graffiti’s Latest Exhibition ‘All Black Everything’ Slated for June 2

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Museum of Graffiti, the world’s first Museum dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of graffiti art, is announcing today the opening of the first exclusively African American graffiti exhibition. Opening on June 2nd, 2023, the exhibition entitled “All Black Everything,” celebrates the contribution and art of multi-generational graffiti artists from the African diaspora. To celebrate […]

Museum of Graffiti Presents ‘Reduce, Reuse, Remix: Graffiti Art For A Better Earth’ On Earth Day(4/22)

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Museum of Graffiti announces the opening of a novel exhibition presenting art works created with air pollution. The exhibit, entitled Reduce, Reuse, Remix: Graffiti Art for a Better Earth will open on Earth Day, April 22, 2023, and will exclusively present studio pieces of local artists who were seeded AIR-INK writing utensils.  AIR-INK technology starts by attaching filters to exhaust […]

Museum Of Graffiti Opens Its Doors TOMORROW In Wynwood During Art Basel

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After years of trying to fit in the bourgeois art galleries around the world, graffiti finally has a place of its own to call home. Visit for more information Since the advent of “wall writing” in the late 60s and early 70s, graff has always been recognized as an illegal art form, chalked up […]