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President Trump Muslim Travel Ban Approved by Supreme Court 

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The Muslim travel ban, ordered by President Donald Trump to prevent travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and two other countries into the United States, will now be fully enforced after a 7-2 ruling on Monday, December 4. Visit for more information The order, called the Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist […]

Supreme Court Allow Trump Travel Ban to Take Partial Effect

Supreme Court Allow Trump Travel Ban To Take Partial Effect

On Monday (Nov. 13th), the Supreme Court ruled that President Donald Trump’s third attempted travel ban will go into partial effect. This grants the government the ability to keep travelers from the six-central Muslim countries from coming into the United States, temporarily. Visit for more information In order for a foreign nation to gain […]

Trump Administration Issues New Travel Ban Restrictions On Eight Countries


President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban will morph into a new set of restrictions on travelers from an expanded set of countries, U.S. officials announced Sunday night as major parts of the order were close to expiring. Visit for more information The current policy, which denies visas to citizens of six majority Muslim countries, […]

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Bring Back Travel Ban on Muslim Nations


Thursday night [June 1, 2017], Donald Trump’s administration submitted a petition to the US Supreme Court in an effort to reverse rulings in Hawaii and Maryland that blocked the original ban on travel from six majority-Muslim nations: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Visit for more information According to the administration, the president has […]

ICYMI: California Judge Puts Hold On Trump’s Controversial “Sanctuary Cities” Order

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Tuesday [April 25, 2017], a San Francisco judge put a temporary block on President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities. Visit for more information It was Judge William H. Orrick of the United States District Court who expressed his opposition to the Trump administration’s attempt at denying federal funds to cities who do not cooperate with authorities […]

New York City Bodegas Are Closing In Response To Trump’s Muslim Ban


On Thursday [February 2nd] hundreds of New York City bodegas will be closed in response to President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Visit for more information According to NBC New York, the protest was organized by a group of Yemeni business owners, who want to prove the importance of their presence in the New York […]

DJ Khaled Weighs In On The Muslim Ban

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Following President Donald Trump’s executive order to restrict immigration from seven Muslim countries, many celebrities began to speak out against the order, including DJ Khaled. Visit for more information The DJ and producer shared some major keys on Instagram by posting a picture of him holding his son using the hashtag #NoBanNoWall with the following caption: […]

Azealia Banks Defends Trump’s “Muslim Ban” In Twitter Beef With Rihanna


For some odd reason, Azealia Banks’ name is consistently in line with drama and not much has changed since the Russell Crowe hotel incident. This time, it’s Rihanna. Visit for more information Over the weekend, RIhanna voiced her outrage on Twitter over Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic, unconstitutional Muslim travel ban and Azealia was hot […]

Donald Trump Defends Border Wall And Muslim Ban In GOP Debate

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In last night’s GOP Debate in Las Vegas, Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump continues to stand by his propositions to ban Muslims from entering the United States and to build a wall around U.S. borders to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from entering the country. “We are not talking about isolation, we are […]

Muslim Teen Dies After Badly Beaten Body Is Thrown Out of Sixth Floor Window

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A 16-year-old Muslim teen’s death is being investigated after he was thrown out of a sixth-floor building Saturday [December 5]. Visit for more information The family of Hamza Warsame says the teen died from his injuries after being beaten and thrown out of a window in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. They also […]

Florida Mayor Bans Donald Trump From His City


St. Petersburg, Florida Mayor Rick Kriseman has decided that he has had enough of real estate mogul turned Presidential candidate Donald Trump and made an unofficial Tweet to ban Trump from his city. Visit for more information Playing off of Trump’s controversial statement, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman tweeted yesterday that he was banning […]