Nashville Man Arrested Following Courthouse Fire


Police in Nashville has made an arrest on a twenty-five-year-old man for vandalism and felony arson charges on Saturday night after the Metro Nashville courthouse was set on fire. Visit for more information The “I will breathe” rally in Nashville began days after the unfortunate death of George Floyd. A black man who died […]

Waffle House Shooter in Custody, Hero James Shaw Posts Pics of Injuries to IG

james shaw

Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking has officially been apprehended 34 hours after he went on a shooting rampage that left four victims dead and four others wounded. Visit for more information SWAT, FBI and local authorities engaged in a manhunt throughout Nashville, TN surrounding areas, but had “no confirmed sightings” of him more than […]

On The Rise: Mike Floss Is Nashville’s Best Kept Secret

mike floss

The state of Hip-Hop in Nashville is at an awkward crossroads. While it’s neighboring Memphis is at the root of some of Hip-Hop’s greatest sounds, the city’s claim to fame comes mainly as the Country Music Capital of the world, leaving a major void that a talented spectrum of artists are looking to fill. Visit […]

Capitol Officer Arrested After Harboring A Fugitive

Capitol PO Harbors Fugitive

On Wednesday, May 19, a Capitol Police officer and his wife were arrested after being accused of harboring a fugitive who was wanted on felony drug charges in Nashville, according to Roll Call. Visit for more information The couple, identified as Daryl E. Banks and Dana L.Banks, were arrested in their Maryland home after […]

Donald Trump’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Nashville, TN Airport


Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Boeing B757 had to make an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport on Wednesday after reporting engine trouble. Visit for more information The real estate mogul turned Republican POTUS frontrunner, was on his way to Little Rock, Arkansas for a rally when the starboard engine experienced a mechanical issue 50 […]

Is Nashville Brewing The Next League of Heavy Hitters?

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Visit for more information That moment you live, eat and breathe Hip Hop, born in New York raised in Tennessee move back to New York, randomly move to Arizona for the weather, find yourself back in Tennessee and realize, why isn’t the story of the Nashville Hip Hop scene being told. Usually when you […]