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Jimmy Fallon x Justin Timberlake Kick It Rap Style

Jimmy Fallon hasn’t even been two weeks into his new gig as the host of The Tonight Show and he has officially made it the best late night show to watch! On the premiere, Jimmy had Will Smith on the show and they entertained everyone with their skit, ‘Evolution of Dance.’ A few days after that, […]

Happy Birthday, Eminem!

In celebration of his 41st birthday, we have gathered a list of Eminem’s best songs to play at your next party.  We took a look into the lengthy career the superstar has had and picked out his best songs that will either kick off your party right or get people moving on the dance floor. […]

A Look at Grand Theft Auto V’s Music

Today, September 17th marks the highly anticipated release of the 15th installment of the Grand Theft Auto Series, Grand Theft Auto V, succeeding the 2008 release of GTA IV. Since its release in 1997, the GTA series has been one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time. Each game is located in […]

Mother of Nate Dogg’s Son Demands Almost $340,000 In Unpaid Child Support

Even when you no longer exist on this planet, unpaid child support will still haunt you.    West coast singer, Nate Dogg, is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean Shereda Williams (the mother of his son Naijiel Hale) from demanding about $340,000 in backed up child support. According to, Shereda Williams, Nate Dogg’s baby […]

The Source Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Nate Dogg

As one third of the groundbreaking West Coast super group 213, Nate Dogg is one of the pioneers of the street serenade in Hip Hop. One year ago today ,Nathaniel Hale aka Nate Dogg died as a result of multiple strokes at the age of 41. Along with his homies from the LBC Warren G […]

R.I.P: 15 Collabs We Wish Biggie Had Done

Thinking about the route Hip-Hop has taken since the passing of the Notorious B.I.G. Artists have come and gone in an influx, music styles changed, labels lost their grip and blogs became prominent. decided to take a look at the “What If?” factor. 15 collaborations we would’ve liked to have seen, whether they were […]

David Michery Speaks On Nate Dogg’s Unpaid Medical Bills

Ex-Associate breaks his silence on why he offered to pay the bills back in 2010. Yesterday a bit of news hit the web surrounding Nate Dogg’s unpaid medical bills. If you missed it basically, CareMeridian is a company based out of Orange County who cared for Nate Dogg following his second stroke in 2008. The […]

Nate Dogg Estate Sued For Unpaid Medical Care

Hold Up! Wait…. The estate of Nathaniel D. Hale otherwise known as Nate Dogg are left scrambling a bit following a judges order to pay unpaid medical care bills. CareMeridian a company based out of Orange County cared for Nate Dogg following his second stroke in 2008. The company is claiming Nate Dogg received more than $290,000 […]