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Michael Jackson’s Thriller is Re-Created in NBA 2K18

MichealJackson'sThrillerisRe CreatedinNBAK

NBA 2K18 gamer and Reddit user, MarLuThaKang got together with a couple of his buddies and re-created Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video as best as you could expect in NBA 2K18. When 2K Sports first created the open world ‘The Neighborhood,’ many envision an open world NBA pickup game experience, not a legendary music video reincarnation. […]

NBA 2K18 Producer Rob Jones Debunks NBA 2K Free Agency Curse

Kyrie Alrernate Cover

Everybody’s a conspiracy theorist; even video game players. Remember when everybody said that EA Sports’ Madden Football had a curse on it’s cover athletes? For example, last year, the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski was Madden’s cover athlete. Gronk underwent surgery to repair a herniated disk, and was placed on injured reserve on December 3, […]