Net Neutrality

The Senate Passes Legislation to Save Net Neutrality

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The Senate voted on Wednesday to keep the Obama era legislation that prevented Internet Service Providers from hiking up prices for faster internet service otherwise known as net neutrality. Visit for more information If given the option to offer companies higher rates for faster service, many have said that this would discourage start-up websites […]

New York Governor signs executive order protecting Net Neutrality in the state

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A month after the Federal Communications Commission’s openly criticized decision to essentially kill net neutrality, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wastes no time in signing an executive order to protect net neutrality in the state of New York. Visit for more information The order states that the internet is “an essential service that should […]

FCC Repeals Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules

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Net Neutrality is the standard that Internet providers give equal access to all legal web content. Following weeks of protesting, the Republican majority of the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to loosen Obama-era regulations in place for the Net services. Visit for more information The rules have been in place since 2015, […]