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Adrian Peterson Wants To Play For The Cowboys

peterson run

Uh oh, Vikings fans The Minnesota Vikings haven’t experienced real success in quite some time.  It’s bad enough they’ve struggled to come up with a consistently good starting quarterback since Dante Culpepper left–for their division rival Lions nonetheless–but they’re currently in a division with three teams who could, in all fairness, find themselves in the […]

No Flex Zone: Johnny Manziel Gives The Finger To Redskins Bench

johnny football manziel flip off bird browns redskins Johnny Football throws up the bird to the critics  In what seems to be a wacky but interesting starting Quarterback battle in Cleveland, Johnny Manziel always comes up with ways to end up in the limelight. But this time, he’s giving critics and fans a little more to talk about with his play on […]

Jerry Jones Adresses Recent Photo Scandal

Jerry Jones speaks on photos

The Billionaire Owner Of The Dallas Cowboys Finally Addresses Controversial Photos  On August 5th racy photos of 71 year old Jerry Jones appeared on the internet. Advertisement   The photo’s showed Jones in a few compromising positions with women that were surely not his wife Eugenia. Since the release the internet and sports world has […]

NFL Teams Split More Than $6 Billion in Revenue Last Season

NFL money

Hey remember when NFL owners were crying about revenue and there was a lockout?  Well those days are over because for the first time, last season, NFL teams equally divided more than $6 billion in revenue. Since the Green Bay Packers are the only public team, they were required to reveal their financial records. ESPN […]

Josh Gordon: The NFL’s New Problem Child


“Dear Lord, please provide me with the opportunity that Josh Gordon has: To make millions of dollars, support my family, live a lavish life, and be an NFL All-Pro.  I promise that I will be a positive influence to those around me and my community, and to use the talent you gave me to satisfy […]

Adidas Reveals RG3’s First Signature Shoe


Adidas has revealed Robert Griffin’s III first official signature shoe the “RG3 Energy Boost”   Adidas has officially revealed the signature shoe for Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, this is which his first signature shoe. The RG3 Energy Boost is a trainer that you cannot only use during athletics but also for off the […]

Air Jordan 6 Retro TD Black/White Cleats


Air Jordan has released the Air Jordan 6 Retro TD Black/White! Air Jordan has finally released an edition of cleats for football players with the Air Jordan 6 Retro TD Black/White.  The shoe is a great resemblance of the actual Air Jordan, so they will most definitely be a hit. This particular colorway is featured […]

Ex-Players Allege That NFL Supplied Risky Medication

Jim McMahon

As more and more retired football players gain the courage to speak out against the league, fans have become increasingly aware of some of the foul tactics that the NFL has used to increase profits; however, this latest revelation might be the most damning. A class action suit has been brought against the National Football […]

Source TV Exclusive: Cam Newton and EA Sports Talking Madden Football


The Source Magazine and EA Sports have something in common!  *Insert Jeopardy Think Music *  Okay time’s up! Advertisement   The Source Magazine and Madden are BOTH celebrating 25 years of existence. Madden commemorated their 25 year anniversary this football season by featuring the Connected Franchise and bringing back the owner mode on their Madden […]

The First Pick In The 2014 NFL Draft Is…


Draft Day, Johnny Manziel Jadeveon Clowney For the first time in quite some time, no one knew who the first pick was going to be prior to draft day. Will the Houston Texans–who finished with a 2-14 record last season– play it safe and take the consensus #1 pick, Jadeveon Clowney, the vicious defensive stalwart […]