SOURCE SPORTS: 59 NFL Players Test Positive For COVID-19, Hundred More Expected

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According to a coronavirus update on the National Football League Player’s Association website, there are 59 players who have tested positive for COVID-19, significantly lower than the 95 positive cases originally reported. Visit for more information The original number reflected the number of people from all teams, including staffers, who tested positive for the […]

SOURCE SPORTS: New Orleans Saints Cancel Offseason Program This Spring


New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton told players today they will not have any offseason program this spring. That meant virtual or otherwise according to reports from players. Visit for more information “Take care of your families, your health, and be ready this summer,” Payton was quoted as saying. In a video conference, Payton […]

The NFL and NFLPA Reach ‘Standstill Agreement’ on National Anthem Rules

As a hopeful remedy to the headlines regarding protests and the actual action itself, the National Football League placed a new regulation in place for the upcoming season that required standing for the anthem if you were on the field. The NFL Players Association filed a grievance on July 10 challenging the policy stating it […]

NFL Players and Owners Met In New York To Discuss Anthem Protests, No Invite For Kaepernick

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Words by Jason Cordner Visit for more information Tuesday afternoon (October 17), after a lengthy three hour meeting, the NFL and its owners left the League’s policy regarding the anthem unchanged. Some owners are still against the idea of players protesting during the national anthem, and teams may have individual guidelines for it. However, […]