Nintendo Switch OLED Unveiled with October 8th Release Date

nintendo switch oled model tabletop thumb

Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Switch OLED, a long-rumored update to the very popular hardware. The OLED version features a larger, brighter screen and 64GB of storage — double that of the regular Switch. The console can be played as a handheld device or projected onto a larger screen. Visit for more information The Switch […]

Popular YouTube Star Desmond “Etika” Amofah Would Have Turned 30 Today

etika jun

Desmond “Etika” Amofah, a popular YouTube personality would have turned 30 today. Visit for more information The gamer who created Nintendo-centric videos was found dead on June 25th. The NYPD had been searching for Amofah after he went missing. He had posted a video discussing suicidal thoughts to social media the week before. Advertisement […]

SNES Finally Comes to Nintendo Switch Online


Gamers everywhere got a special treat this week as Nintendo announced that about 20 SNES games, including some of the companies’ top classics, will be available on Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription-based online services component of Nintendo’s Switch console starting September 5. Visit for more information Nintendo tweeted the following on Wednesday: “Recapture the […]

Russell Westbrook Now Has a Nintendo Game Boy-Themed Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

russell westbrook jordan why not zer  nintendo game boy

We really didn’t think it could get any better than a Super Soaker-inspired Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. Of course, Russell Westbrook had to go and outdo himself with another iteration for his new signature shoe, this time crafting up a creative set of kicks to look like the classic Nintendo Game Boy. Visit for […]

Nintendo Switch Is Fastest Selling Game Console Ever In U.S.

nintendo switch best selling console july  zelda

Nintendo has managed to sell so many of its Nintendo Switch console that it’s become not only its own fastest-selling console, but also the fastest selling in the U.S. ever, beating the record set by the Wii back during its launch. The Switch has sold over 4.8 million units in its first 10 months of […]

Nintendo To Release Miniature NES With 30 Built-In Games

NES Classic

Nintendo is bringing back the classic NES, only this time it’s a little smaller in size. Visit for more information Today [Thursday, July 14] the company announced what it’s calling the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition. It looks just like a NES, only a lot smaller and it comes with 30 games built […]

Turn Your iPhone 6 Plus Into A Game Boy With The SmartBoy


Over the years we’ve seen many cases that make your iPhone look like a Game Boy, but now thanks to Hyperkin, we have a device that transforms your iPhone into a functioning Game Boy. The SmartBoy is a device that attaches to the iPhone 6 Plus, allowing gamers to insert their old Game Boy cartridges. […]

Nintendo coming to iOS and Android

nintendo dena announce

Super Mario Mobile? Nintendo has announced their recent partnership with Japanese company DeNA (Marvel War of Heroes, Star Wars Galactic Defense) in order to bring their iconic characters like Mario and Luigi to Android and iOS devices. The terms of the partnership include creating new games and launch an online membership service for mobile devices. […]