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NYC Mayor Expands Police Power to Arrest and Commit “Undesirable” Mentally Ill New Yorkers, Now Faces Lawsuit

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

A legal challenge has been filed against New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to increase NYC’s power to take New Yorkers with mental illness into custody and have them psychiatrically examined and possibly committed.  Visit for more information The challenge has been brought as part of an existing class action lawsuit in Manhattan […]

New NYC Mayor Eric Adams Bikes to His Second Day in Office

New NYC Mayor Eric Adams Bikes to His Second Day in Office

New York City mayor Eric Adams was sworn into office as a part of the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. For his first week on the job, Mayor Adams is joining the people of his city and biking through its busy streets to get to work. Visit for more information New York City’s official […]

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Apologizes for “Stop-and-Frisk” Police Tactic

Michael Bloomberg Pledges $100 Million to Historically Black Medical Schools

Michael Bloomberg is preparing to make a run for the 2020 presidency, however, he is looking to apologize for some of his wrongs, specifically supporting the stop-and-frisk police strategy. Visit for more information The former mayor was on stage at a Brooklyn church and acknowledged that he “can’t change history” but is offering an […]