NYC Subway System

Woman Killed After Being Pushed In Front Of Times Square Subway Train

woman killed nyc subway

Woman killed after being pushed in front of a moving train. Police are investigating the death of a woman pushed in front of an approaching subway train in Times Square. Visit for more information It happened just after 9:30 Saturday morning at the 42nd Street and Broadway station. Police say the victim was struck […]

Watch This Trump Supporter Make Racist Comments On NY Subway


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to be a beacon of light attracting racist supporters. Visit for more information A video has surfaced of a New York City subway train passenger going into a hate-filled, ballistic rage when a fellow train rider took the last available seat. In a two-minute long video, a man in […]

Self Proclaimed ISIS Members Take Over Subway Train In NYC

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In what is suspected to be just one of the worst practical jokes in the entire hisory of the NYC subway system, two straphangers announced from the over the loud speaker conductor’s booth that they were members of terrorist group ISIS and they were hijacking the train. Visit for more information The suspects got […]

Meet New York’s Favorite Subway Beat Boxer, Verbal Ase


Verbal Ase has made a name for himself performing in the New York City subway system since 2011. Visit for more information Ase has been a staple underground, where he beat boxes popular songs the audience will recognize. When you mention subway performers, the first acts that come to mind are the many break […]