People see Obama as nice guy, so-so Prez says poll

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An AP poll shows that while 58 percent of Americans finds Obama “very likeable,” less than a third  consider him to be an above-average president. After his first inauguration, nearly two-thirds of Americans predicted Obama would be an “outstanding leader.” The president’s numbers took a hit because of persistent unemployment, controversy over his decisiveness, honesty […]

Media Watch For The Week Of January 13-19

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“NEWS FOR YOU THAT’S HOT FOR REVIEW” Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC Hip-Hop Stars Working Super Hard During Super Bowl Weekend Advertisement . . . . . . . Seattle and Denver are the two teams that will battle it out at the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014.  Jay Z, J. […]

Kevin Hart Shares Hilarious Jay Z Story

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Let me explain…Jay Z. Kevin Hart is even a bigger deal than he proclaims to be. Recently the short yet larger than life comedian went on press run to promote his new movie Ride Along which co-stars Ice Cube. While in New York City on Jimmy Fallon, “Kev” shares details on the relationship he has […]

Obama To Make Changes To Controversial Surveillance Law


Three U.S. officials familiar with the matter say that President Obama is likely to cosign changes to the way the NSA and other government agencies collect phone information for possible future surveillance of Americans. The changes are not yet set in stone and would mainly effect Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Widely controversial, the law […]

President Obama Said P-TECH High School Is The Wave Of The Future


Brooklyn School Has Partnered With the Department of Education, the City University of New York and IBM to Empower Young Students By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC October 25, 2013 President Obama spoke at the Pathways in Technology School in Brooklyn known as P-Tech early today, a school he mentioned during his State of […]

Syria Accepts Russian Chemical Weapons Proposal


Syria has accepted a proposal from Russia aimed at averting President Obama from taking military action. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia has leveraged its position – and its alliance with Syria – to petition Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem to put Syria’s chemical weapons sites under international control. Advertisement Russian Foreign […]

Is Being Overweight A Death Sentence?


Every 90 Minutes a New Yorker Dies of a Diabetes-Related Illness, You Could be Next! By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC As we approach another long hot summer everyone wants to be in shape to show off those curves.  Your Health is your Wealth and if you don’t take of your body the doctors […]

President Obama Motivates the Men of Morehouse

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Under rain-filled Atlanta clouds, President Barack Obama delivered the Morehouse College commencement speech to 500 proud graduates on Sunday afternoon. In a rare moment, President Obama spoke sincerely to the class of 2013 about his embattled youth, his hopes and expectations for the graduates and his own perception of fatherhood. “I sure wish I had […]

President Obama Addresses The Jay-Z & Beyonce Trip


“Boy from the hood, but got the White House clearance.” Jay-Z and Beyonce found themselves in the midst of controversy after spending their five-year wedding anniversary in Havana, Cuba. Visiting Cuba for any tourist purposes is strictly illegal due to the country being communist. Advertisement The controversy started when rumors circulated like wildfire that the […]

50 Cent Speaks On Accident Earlier This Week

50 Cent caught up with MTV to speak on his crash earlier this week. “We spun off into the rail. We would’ve flipped if it was a regular truck, but the truck weighs over a ton because it has additional stuff in it.” Curtis would go on to explain the accident in a bit more […]

Limitless Set Out With A Positive Message For Obama’s Campaign

These young men wrote a song and designed a t-shirt to help President Obama get re-elected. Proceeds from t-shirt sales will help purchase band equipment needed to perform at campaign rallies across the country. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the campaign. To purchase a shirt, visit http://www.LetsDoItAgainObama.org – Limitless  Advertisement

Secret Service Prostitute Scandal In Colombia

11 Secret Service agents were placed on leave on Saturday and replaced by other agents in Cartegena, Colombia after it was revealed that President Obama’s security detail was involved with prostitutes during his diplomatic meeting with heads of 33 Latin American countries known as the “Summit of the Americas”. The agency did not disclose the […]

No Hip Hop on Obama 2012 Campaign Trail

A playlist that will be heard on President Obama’s 2012 campaign trail between now and Election Day was released by the White House and something that everyone thought would be there was missing. Not a single Hip Hop/Rap song made the playlist. Advertisement You put The Fugees as one of your favorite groups on your […]