[WATCH] Video Released Of Officer Fatally Shooting Pregnant Black Woman


Ta’Kiya Young did not have to die.When it comes to a black woman, no one ever stops to think of her story. Unlike ‘Karen’s’ who have the ability to cry and get a response with a phone call, black women’s feelings, conditions, marital status, or mental health is never considered at first sight. Visit […]

Officer Fired After Arresting 6-Year-Old Kids

Dennis Turner

Written by: Jessica Dupree Visit for more information The state of Florida seems to have many controversial laws in place. From the infamous stand your ground law to not having an age requirement for arrests. This time, elementary school resource officer Dennis Turner arrested two students – age six and eight, leaving a community […]

Police Called on Atlanta Doctor After He Tried to Open a Bank Account

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An Atlanta doctor was confronted by police after a bank worker dialed 911, citing his “suspicious” behavior when he stopped by to open a new account. Visit for more information The incident took place at United Community Bank. Dr. Anthony Onyegbula was waiting to open an account with his wife. As he spoke outside on […]

Georgia Prosecutor Seeks Murder Charges for Cop Who Shot Naked, Unarmed Black Veteran


Yesterday (Thursday, January 7), Dekalb County District Attorney Robert D. James Jr. announced that he would be seeking to indict the white police officer who fatally shot Anthony Hill, an unarmed Air Force Veteran. Visit for more information Officer Robert Olsen was responding to a call on March 9 about a man “acting deranged” outside of […]