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OG Maco Reveals He’s Suffering From Skin-Eating Disease

OGMacoRevealshe'sSufferingFromSkin EatingDisease

Its been a while since we’ve heard from OG Maco and now we know the reason why. The Atlanta rapper has been suffering from a skin-eating disease. Maco broke the news to his fans on his Instagram story over the weekend. The “U Guessed It” rapper shared some graphic images showing scabbing on his head […]

OG Maco Goes On A Twitter Tirade Against Quality Control

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Over the last few years, Quality Control has become one of the premier labels in Hip Hop. With a roster that includes the likes of Migos, Lil Yachty, and the emergence of Lil Baby, QC and Coach K have a lot to be proud of. However, OG Maco wonders why he is still on the […]

Lil Uzi Vert Battles Through Security After Confronting a Certain Artist


Rumors regarding the “Day N Night Festival” in Orange County, CA seem to be a little hazy, as fans and spectators become increasingly curious about actions that took place at last weeks event. Allegedly, Uzi’s aim was meant for Atlanta MC Reese La Flare, who engaged in some major beef between the two artists, after […]

OG Maco Says He Lost His Eye in a Car Crash

maco eye

Y’all bastards had all these jokes like I really didn’t lose a eye real quick. I don’t mind. Just remember I never did a thing to you. ?? To see a world where the do-ers and dreamers are ridiculed more than losers and conformity is to worse than missing an eye. A photo posted by […]

Listen To OG Maco’s New Record “Bright Lights”


Atlanta based rapper OG Maco has been releasing a steady stream of new music and today is no different. He connects with friend and frequent collaborator Pablo Dylan for his latest effort titled “Bright Lights.” Give it a listen below.

Gucci Mane Drops “East Atlanta Santa 2” Mixtape While Behind Bars


Even from the inside, Guwop still never stops. With his projected release date rapidly approaching, Gucci Mane delivers his “East Atlanta Santa 2” mixtape as promised in an Instagram post a while back. Featuring guest appearances fro mthe likes of Waka Flocka, Young Thug, Post Malone, OG Maco and a host of other 1017 affiliates, […]

Popular Rapper Addresses HIV/AIDS Rumors

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ATL rapper OG Maco has been dodging rumors lately and has just announced that he is not infected with AIDS nor is he HIV positive. Maco responded via Instagram, saying that the rumors were false and even sent a Happy Holidays to the person or persons that may have been responsible for starting the rumor. […]

Int’l Campaign Unveils Their New Mixtape “Way Outta No Way” W/ OG Maco, Rich The Kid, & More


Int’l Campaign returns with the complete Way Outta No Way EP after releasing their single “Wrist in the Water” featuring OG Maco, Rich the Kid, Mike Zombie, and Jimmy Prime. The production duo of Money Montage and Rich Frvr are back with another superb roster and pretty impressive lineup of tracks. Just recently, Money Montage appeared on Dizzy Wright’salbum and Rich Frvr had […]

Future Responds to OG Maco’s Criticism of His Lyrics

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Future’s press run has begun, and he isn’t holding back Earlier today, Future debuted part 1 of his Like I Never Left documentary, in which he revealed some of the interesting details from the last moments of his relationship with Ciara, including not wanting to be a part of a TV wedding, and her unwillingness […]

Listen To Miloh Smith’s “Pretty Dirty” ft. OG Maco

Miloh Smith Press Photo

Miloh Smith has been the underdog for far too long. She’s released music that sings for itself and has been featured with several of Atlanta’s new faces in the Hip-Hop game. Hopefully she gains the respect she deserves from the rest of the country by the end of this year. To help, she’s putting out […]

Migos Donated $1,000 To Their Old High School & It Didn’t Sit Well With Some

migos donate

Handsome and frugal Yesterday, Migos–Atlanta’s trap extraordinaires–uploaded a picture of themselves alongside their Quality Control Music labelmate OG Maco and a huge check for the amount of $1,000 which they donated to their old high school, Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta. The internet exploded with criticism, pointing out the fact that–among several other […]

Listen To Rome Fortune x OG Maco’s “YEP” EP

rome fortune x og maco yep ep

The future sounds of Atlanta have collided.. Rome Fortune and OG Maco have previously collaborated on a few tracks here and there but today, they present an entire project titled, YEP. This 9-track EP epitomizes how polar opposite sounds can collide to create a cohesive piece of work.  Rome and Maco challenge each other creatively […]


og maco #anogmaconewyear

As we begin the New Year, many people take time out to reflect on how much they have accomplished towards their goals.  OGG (Originality Gains Greatness) is a tight-knit crew consisting of creative talents of all types: videographers, rappers, hosts and DJ’s.  The group was created in March of 2014 and quickly became the talk […]

Listen To OG Maco’s BREATHE EP


Welcome to Scamerica.. Various cases of violence against minorities in America have been circulating the news lately.  The unfortunate deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and many others have led to riots and protests everywhere. OG Maco channels the energy from the recent protests and built up frustration to deliver his short but […]

Stream OG Maco’s Self-Titled EP, “OG Maco”


Yeah yeah.. OG Maco gave fans what they wanted and dropped his self-titled EP, OG Maco earlier today.  This 15-track EP includes a few previously released records like “Want More” incorporated with fresh new bangers.  As usual, Maco delivers a crazy level of energy and raw lyrics with just the right amount ad-libs.  OG Maco is a project […]

Watch “OGG The Movie” Presented By OGG x QC

ogg the movie

Many people may believe that OG Maco blew up overnight from his hit “U Guessed It”, however, that is not the case. Maco and his OGG (Originality Gains Greatness) crew have been grinding in the streets of Atlanta months before their movement became viral.  This breif 22-minute documentary titled, OGG The Movie, gives fans a perspective […]

Detroit’s Earlly Mac Talks “Like Kanye”, Plus Upcoming Show with OG Maco


“I’mma let you finish like Kanye…” We all have our favorite rappers. From 2Pac, Biggie, Nas or Jay, there are legends of our time that deserve their due respect for their undeniable impact on hip hop and American culture. Kanye, whether you like him or not, is the focus and trendsetter of choice for Detroit’s […]