Omarion Goes on Dr. Phil To Tell Fan That They Are Not Engaged

Omarion Goes on Dr. Phil to Tell Fan that they are Not Engaged

There’s catfishing….and then there’s celebrity catfishing. A woman named Rachel wrote to Dr. Phil, begging her to intervene in a situation with her friend Simone, who believed that she was engaged to R&B singer Omarion. Visit for more information Rachel first provided Dr. Phil with some background information about the situation. She said that […]

Nia Long Shuts Down Rumors of Dating Omarion: ‘I’m Single AF’

nia Nia Long Says Netflix Movie 'A Fatal Affair' Lacked Diversity: 'Maybe Three People on the Crew Were Black'

Nia Long calls cap on the rumors that she is currently seeing Omarion. Visit for more information Long was posing on the red carpet for her latest film, You People, with Omarion, and the two flashed bright smiles, leading The Shade Room to wonder about their relationship status. Stomping out the fire of “The […]

Omarion and Mario Set to Headline ‘A Night of R&B’ VERZUZ


R&B is set to take center stage for VERZUZ. The next battle is listed as “A Night of R&B” and will feature Mario and Omarion as headliners. The battle will take place this Thursday, June 23 at 9 p.m. ET. Visit for more information In addition to the headliners, VERZUZ will see the team […]

Omarion Brushes Off Omicron Variant Jokes: ‘I’m An Artist, Not A Variant’


Omarion is fully aware of the jokes surrounding his name and the Omicron variant. On Saturday, Omarion addressed the jokes on TikTok in a lighthearted manner, letting people know that he’s an “artist, not a variant.” Visit for more information “Hi everybody, this is Omarion. I am an artist, not a variant,” he said […]

Lakeith Stanfield DM’s Omarion: “You Ruining Christmas for Everybody”

'Atlanta' Star Lakeith Stanfield Receives Backlash for Homophobic Freestyle

COVID-19 has been a topic of concretion since March 2020. It seems as if right when numbers begin to go down, a new variant arises. Now it’s the Omicron variant, which is supposedly more transmittable than the Delta variant, but not as deadly. Visit for more information Since news of the new variant came […]

Lil Fizz Apologizes to Omarion on Stage for Dating Apryl Jones


Lil Fizz dating the mother of his friend Omarion’s children dominated entertainment headlines. Fizz and Apryl Jones had an entanglement, but if you like Omarion tell it he was unbothered. Visit for more information That relationship is now over and Fizz and Omarion are back on the road for their Millenium Tour. During a […]

The Millenium Tour Set To Return In The Fall

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The Millineum tour is back and better! After being forced to cancel because of COVID-19 concerns, the 27-city tour is set to kick off on Oct. 1, in Los Angeles, CA. Visit for more information Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow and Omarion, who are also headlining the tour, announced the news on social media. […]

Apryl Jones Claims Omarion Joined ‘Love And Hip Hop’ to Dispel Gay Rumors

Apryl Jones Claims Omarion Joined 'Love And Hip Hop' to Dispel Gay Rumors

Apryl Jones reveals the nature of her relationship with Omarion while claiming he joined the show to dispel gay rumors. Visit for more information The last time all eyes were on Apryl Jones, it was long before the pandemic. After being spotted with Dr. Dre, the TV personality is apparently defending herself from accusations that […]

Apryl Jones Addresses Lil Fizz Break Up Rumors: ‘My Focus is on My Children’

Apryl Jones Addresses Lil Fizz Break Up Rumors: 'My Focus is on My Children'

Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz confirmed their relationship on the last season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood after years of speculation. Visit for more information But the Internet detectives began speculating that the controversial couple may have split because they unfollowed each other on social media. Jones stopped by Fox Soul and the […]

Apryl Jones Seems Unbothered About Alleged Split With Lil Fizz


It looks like Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz are calling it quits. The Love & Hip-Hop lovebirds went through hell and high water to defend their relationship on this past season of LHH: Los Angeles. Now, it is perceived that they may throw in the towel. Visit for more information Recently, Apryl and Fizz […]

Moniece Slaughter Insists Fizz and Omarion Were Friends: ‘My Son Referred to Omarion Then & Now as Uncle O’

Moniece Slaughter Insists Fizz and Omarion Were Friends: 'My Son Referred to Omarion Then & Now as Uncle O'

If you keep up with Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood then you witnessed the whole Fizz, Apryl Jones, Moniece Slaughter, and Omarion debacle unfold on national television. Visit for more information Omarion wins the Most Unbothered Award of 2019, but Fizz’s baby’s mother has no problem telling her two cents. During the reunion which […]

Omarion Will Headline Millennium Tour 2020 Without B2K

omarion millennium tour

Omarion and Bow Wow are bringing Face Off to The Millenium Tour 2020. The two artists were renowned for their hit collaborations in the mid-2000s. Now they are teaming up to co-headline the tour after their 2007 gold-certified album, Face Off. The duo will be joined by returning Millenium tourmates, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, and The […]

Omarion Says He Feels No Ways About Fizz and Apryl Jones Relationship


Vlad TV has been dropping pieces of his interview with Omarion but finally released the part of the interview where he addresses his former B2K group mate starting a relationship with the mother of his two children Apryl Jones. Visit for more information “I don’t feel no ways. I don’t feel any way about […]

B2K’s J Boog Confirms Lil Fizz ‘Ruined 99%’ of 2020 Millennium Tour


The Internet was in a frenzy yesterday when Omarion announced the second installment of the Millennium Tour, which kicks off in 2020. There was no sign of his boy group, B2K, on the bill and to make the moment even more savory, yesterday was Lil Fizz’s birthday. Visit for more information The announcement comes […]

Omarion Teases 2020 Millennium Tour

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Omarion isn’t exactly putting out any new material to the public, but his name has been making rounds in the rumor mill because Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz finally went public with their relationship. Visit for more information He recently kinda broke his silence during a sit down with Vlad TV. “I don’t feel […]