One Love

Bob Marley ‘One Love’ Hits $80M in Opening Weekend

Bob Marley 'One Love' Hits $80M in Opening Weekend

Paramount’s highly anticipated biopic One Love, depicting the life and music of reggae legend Bob Marley, has exceeded expectations with a stellar $80 million global debut. Visit for more information The film’s portrayal of Marley’s journey has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, surpassing box office projections and affirming its status as a cultural […]

Common Says Nas’ “One Love” is One of the Greatest Songs Ever Written

Common at Summerfest 2016

Common is featured in Men’s Health Hip-Hop 50 celebration, highlighting the impact of Nas when reflecting on his own single “Respect for Life.” Visit for more information Speaking with writer Keith Nelson, Common revealed a fan once said the single helped in his decision to have his kid. Common revealed the song came from […]