p. muna

MTV’s “Are You The One” Star, P.Muna Drops “Is It Me Or You”


P.Muna has been busy in the studio and the gym making his next creation, “Is It Me or You?” The MTV personality’s song and video zeroes in on processing this thing called life. More specifically, he’s analyzing and trying to understand that in life, some people get left behind. P.Muna also expresses that everyone isn’t […]

On The Rise: P. Muna Drops Jay-Z Inspired Video “Game”

P. Muna Drops Jay-Z Inspired Video Called “Game” Best known for his rich voice and commanding lyrics, P. Muna has created a lane in the hip-hop world by blending elements of soul, hip-hop, and rock together in a smooth, concurrent fashion that has shaken up NYC. With an emphasis on lyrics and melodies, his work […]