Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Warns U.S. Economy Can’t Recover ‘Until People Feel Confident That They’re Safe’

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is warning America that the economic downturn triggered by the coronavirus outbreak could last until the end of 2021. In a CBS 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, he said it’s because recovery won’t happen until people feel confident about their safety. “This is a time of great suffering and difficulty,” […]

Lil Xan Rushed to Hospital Due to Quarantine-Induced Panic Attack

According to a report from TMZ, Cali-based rapper Lil Xan was rushed to the hospital after having a panic attack due to being quarantined at home with his mother. Sunday(April 19), Xan’s mom called 911 after the Redlands rapper began hallucinating so bad, that it scared her, but Xan says that he doesn’t remember much […]

Coronavirus Crisis: Pandemic Drones to Monitor Fever, Crowds From Above

With the effects of the Coronavirus drastically impacting communities largely in part due to people not following the social distancing guidelines, some states have turned to technology to attempt to flatten the curve. According to a report from ABC, states like New Jersey and Connecticut have deployed drones to monitor people’s social distancing and even […]

420 Report: What Will You Do During 4/20 While Quarantined?

Marijuana dispensaries have been considered essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing consumers to purchase cannabis products and medications across medicinal and recreational states. This is great news for those who depend on cannabis as a part of their positive health and wellness regimens. As the world health pandemic conditions and the climate continues to […]

Hospital in Michigan Confirms Letter That Says They Will Pick and Choose Which COVID-19 Patients to Treat First

According to the Detroit Press, Henry Ford Health officials in Detroit just confirmed a letter outlining the health care facilities’ life and death protocols for COVID-19. The letter was distributed to doctors and later socialized on social media outlining life and death protocols in the health care system during this time of pandemic. The organization […]

Health Experts Predict 100 Million to Succumb to Coronavirus By 2021

A scientist at the John Hopkins Medical Center in Maryland was an actual predictor of the coronavirus that first hit Wuhan, China in early January, believing that the virus attacks an entire three months prior. Eric Toner had staged a simulation of a global pandemic, including the coronavirus and predicted that the deadly virus would […]