Protesters With Assault Rifles Attend Anti-Lockdown Rally in PA

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Rallies to reopen the country have popped up to encourage the government to allow people back to work and their regular lives again, but Pittsburgh, PA’s “Take Back Control” rally literally brought out the big guns. Armed protestors, who come from the Iron City Citizens Response Unit, are speculated to come from a white nationalist […]

Malcolm Kenyatta Becomes Pennsylvania’s First Black Openly Gay State Legislator

Malcolm Kenyatta Becomes Pennsylvania's First Black Openly Gay State Legislator

Malcolm Kenyatta was among the many LGBTI candidates celebrating success in the US midterm elections yesterday. Kenyatta, 27, won the 181st District of Pennsylvania in the states house. He is the second openly gay Representative, joining fellow Democrat Brian Sims. Sims has been in office since 2012 and yesterday enjoyed re-election. Kenyatta, of North Philadelphia, […]

GOP Leader Carla Maloney Resigns After Calling Black NFL Players ‘Baboons’

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Carla Maloney, secretary for The Republican Committee of Beaver County (RCBC) in Pennsylvania, was exposed last week for racist comments she made about Black NFL players on her Facebook page in September 2016. Maloney has now resigned, which means she was fired from her position. According to The Associated Press, Maloney “resigned Friday in a […]

[WATCH] Seated, Unarmed and Compliant Black Man Tasered By Police

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Sean Williams sat on the curb in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, arms outstretched following the officers’ commands, at times conflicting, while being threatened to be shocked with a taser. The white male officer, Philip Bernot, the one with the black and yellow Taser, trained on Williams’s back, repeatedly told him “legs out!” and “straight out!” The female […]

Man Who Fatally Shot Teen In “Road Rage” Episode Arrested

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18-year old Bianca Roberson had just graduated high school in the spring and was preparing herself to attend Jacksonville State University in the fall. However, that chapter came to a tragic close before it ever began after the teen was fatally shot in the head by another driver in an extreme and excessive case of […]

Jury Deadlocked In Bill Cosby Trial After 28 Hours Of Deliberation


Setting a record for jury deliberations in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the panel weighing the fate of actor Bill Cosby at his sex assault trial was unable to reach a verdict Wednesday after a total of 28 hours of pondering the case. “There is no doubt in my mind this is an incredible jury that has […]

PA’s “Dubby” Is Ready To Introduce A New Wave Of Hip Hop To Fans


Pennsylvania hip-hop artist, Dubby, has been making his mark in the music industry in some major ways over the past year. This summer, he debuted his first album on Apple Music entitled “Heart & Havoc” while also dropping a very influential and creative music video for his single off the project, “CHASE”. The music of […]

Three Children, Two Parents Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

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A family of five, including three small children, were found dead in their Berks County, Pennsylvania home on Saturday, August 6, along with a handwritten “murder-suicide note.” The note talked about a child’s illness, post-traumatic stress and strife in their home in recent years. According to the Berks County District Attorney’s Office, police in Sinking […]

Gov. Tom Wolf To Sign LGBT Anti-Discrimination Orders in Pennsylvania


Yesterday [April 6, 2016], Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced his plans to issue anti-discrimination executive orders, prohibiting discrimination by state contractors against the LGBT community. It was during an interview with Pittsburgh’s WESA radio station that Wolf made his intentions public, alluding to the decision made by Paypal to cease operations in North Carolina where legislation […]

Registered Nurse Assists With Emergency Surgery While Drunk


A registered nurse in Pennsylvania is being charged with recklessly endangering another person, driving under the influence of alcohol, and other counts after being caught drunk while assisting with an emergency surgery at the VA Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre, PA. 59 year old Richard Pieri admitted that he had been to a casino, where he drank four […]

Bill Cosby Must Stand Trial For 2004 Sexual Assault Case

In a surprising twist in the Bill Cosby sexual assault controversy, a Pennsylvania judge dismissed a bid from Cosby’s lawyers to have the case dismissed due to an agreement made between Cosby and the former District Attorney of Montgomery County, Bruce Castor over a decade ago. Judge Steven O’Neill denied their request, saying that he […]

Cosby Lawyers Ask To Have 2004 Sexual Assault Case Tossed


Entertainment mogul Bill Cosby appeared in a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania court today in an atempt to persuade prosecutors not to make the comedian stand trial for a 2004 sexual assault charge. An entertainment icon, who built a career on family-friendly comedy, Cosby now faces accusations from dozens of women that he sexually assaulted them after […]

Sexual Assault Case Against Bill Cosby Could Be Destroyed By Leaked Email

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The sexual-related assault case that has been brought against comedian Bill Cosby may be on shaky grounds after a leaked email from 2005 civil disposition supposedly gives Cosby immunity from any criminal case to be brought against him. The entertainment mogul, currently facing three felony counts of sexual-related assault, made an agreement with a district […]

12 Year Old Girl Shot And Killed During Eviction In PA


Pennsylvania authorities have reported that a 12 year old was fatally shot during an eviction in Duncannon during a confrontation between a Pennsylvania constable and the child’s father. Police report that an escalated argument between the constable and the armed tenant that was being evicted turned deadly when the man allegedly pointed his gun at […]