PETA Claims the NFL Shut Down Their Colin Kaepernick-Inspired Super Bowl Ad

Colin Kaepernick Links Up With Ava DuVernay for Netflix Docs-Series About His Childhood

PETA was gearing up to air a commercial during the Super Bowl that shows animated animals taking a knee during the National Anthem, protesting injustice. But the organization claims that the NFL is pressuring FOX not to air the ad. TMZ reports that the company’s goal is to advocate for the end of speciesism. To […]

Lil Kim Receives Faux Fur Jacket From PETA After Recent Anti-Fur Attack

lil kim

PETA wants Lil Kim to join them. Earlier this week, Lil Kim was stampeded by a herd of fur protestors outside of Verizon Media Studios. The recent “I Am Hip-Hop Award” recipient charged back at the unexpected protestors for invading her personal space before security stepped in to intervene. Because this has happened to celebrities […]

Styles P Partners With PETA to Promote Plant-Based Diets

StylesPPartnersWithPETAtoPromotePlant BasedDiets

The animal advocacy group, PETA, linked up with Styles P for a campaign to promote plant-based diets. For the battle, or, in other words, World Vegan Month starts, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), travels to the Brooklyn-based, Ghost-co-owned, Juices for Life vegan juice bar. Talking on the advantages of adhering to plants, […]

PETA Requests Aretha Franklin’s Estate to Donate her Fur Coats

PETA Requests Aretha Franklin's Estate to Donate her Fur Coats

Aretha Franklin’s memorial service doesn’t occur until Friday, August 31, yet officially, valuable bits of her $80 million estate—which Franklin left without a will set up— is at popular demand. Including her impressive fur coat collection. Last Friday, August 24, a little more than seven days after Franklin’s passing at 76 on August 16, the […]