Platinum Plan

Lil Wayne Reveals He Had a ‘Great’ Meeting With Donald Trump About Platinum Plan: ‘[Trump] Assured he Will And Can Get it Done’

Lil Wayne Addresses Rumored Split From Girlfriend Following Trump Endorsement

Lil Wayne joins the list of rappers who endorsed Donald Trump for the upcoming Presidential election. The New Orleans native posted a picture with Trump on Thursday afternoon. The pair were all smiles and had their thumbs up. “Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus,” he wrote. “…besides what he’s done so far with […]

Ice Cube Responds to Critics of Trump’s Platinum Plan: ‘Dems Said We’ll Address the CWBA After the Election’

Ice Cube Responds to Critics of Trump's Platinum Plan: 'Dems Said We’ll Address the CWBA After the Election'

Social media was in an uproar when news broke that Ice Cube is helping the Trump administration develop a “Platinum Plan” for the Black community. “Leaders gonna lead, haters gonna hate. Thank you for leading!,” Trump senior advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted at Cube Tuesday afternoon. That’s when the dragging begun and the NWA rapper hopped […]

The Biden Campaign Claps Back and Responds to Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black America


With under 40 days to Election Day and just ahead of the first Presidential Debate, President Trump has released his Black agenda, which his campaign has dubbed the Platinum Plan. While attacking members of the democratic party, Trump highlighted efforts to create jobs and opportunity for black-owned businesses, while also stating that he will push for making […]

Donald Trump Makes Promises to Black America

President Trump Has a Message For The NFL: 'If They Don't Stand, Don't Open'

Donald Trump has laid out an extensive proposal for the upliftment of the African American community. Dubbed the Platinum Plan, he detailed in a speech all the ways he plans to make life better for Black people — in ways that he contends the Democrats have never. He said when announcing his agenda, “For decades, […]