Baltimore Police Officer Records Himself Planting Evidence

baltimore police

The Baltimore Police Department is now under fire after footage of an officer planting evidence has surfaced. It was on Wednesday [July 19] that the city’s local Fox 45 ran an exclusive that featured footage of the police officer hiding drugs in a crime scene, failing to realize that his body cam was recording. In […]

Beauty Queen Says She Was Wrongfully Arrested; Called “Black B*tch”

Carmen Ponder, crowned Miss Black Texas US Ambassador in 2016, is now calling for the removal of Kerry Crews, a North Texas police chief. Ponder, a recent graduate of Texas A&M University and a current intern with the Hunt County District Attorney’s office, has alleged that she experienced a bout of “road rage” from Crews, […]

Major Car Accident In Time Square Fatally Injuring Pedestrians

This early afternoon [May 18th] a vehicle ran into several pedestrians in New York City’s Time Square, according to police reports. Photos immediately surfaced on social media posted by bystanders. The 4-door car was slightly overturned on the curve of 45th and Broadway with a smoking hood. At least 13 people are being treated now for […]

Investigation Begins On Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam’s Case

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam was recently found dead in the Hudson River and police have expanded their investigation. Detectives retrieved the surveillance video of her walking down the street the night before. In the footage you can see Abdus-Salaam walking towards the river but it is still a mystery of how she ended up in the […]

Woman Killed In Murder-Suicide By Husband During Police Standoff

Bad news early this week for Houston Methodist who lost one of their leading transplant surgeons, Dr. Sherilyn Burroghs. Last Sunday, 60-year-old Daniel Burroughs trapped himself in his home with wife Sherilyn. It was later revealed that Daniel killed her before he took his own life during the SWAT team standoff. The police had to force […]

Texas Woman Assaulted By Police After Calling For Help

Last week, [Dec.21] a 46-year-old Black mother called Police to report a White man assaulting her son in Fort Worth, Texas. According to the report,  Craig called the police that Wednesday afternoon because the man choked her 7-year-old son for littering. The relatives who witnessed the incident claim the man grabbed the boy by the […]

Stephen Curry Supports Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

CHEF CURRY ROCKING WITH KAP!  Stephen Curry is the latest athlete to back 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick by stating he supports his decision to sit during the national anthem. In an interview, Curry explained that he is glad Kaepernick decided to exercise his freedom of speech by remaining hopeful that African-Americans will be treated fairly […]

Santa Clara Police Union Issues Ultimatum to 49ers over Colin Kaepernick

It seems that a police officer’s vow to “Protect & Serve” is a conditional notion, at least that what the case seems to be in Santa Clara, California. The police union has declared their presence will be missed at the San Francisco 49ers’ home games if nothing is done about Colin Kaepernick. Beginning in the NFL […]

Police “Not Sure” If Body Cameras Recorded Shooting of Korryn Gaines & Her Son

Baltimore County Police say that they fatally shot an armed Black woman on Monday [August 1] after an hours-long standoff in which she allegedly pointed a shotgun at them, threatening to kill them inside a Randallstown apartment. It was a 23-year old Korryn Gaines who was shot dead by law enforcement while her 5-year-old son was hospitalized with gunshot […]

Dr. Dre Detained By Police Following Road Rage Incident

Dr. Dre was handcuffed and patted down by police following a road rage incident in his own driveway, reports TMZ. According to initial reports, Dr. Dre was outside his Malibu home yesterday (Monday, July 25) trying to pull into his driveway when another driver blocked his way. Here’s how it allegedly went down. The Compton-born […]

Another One: Unarmed Black Man With His Hands Up Shot by Florida Police

Today, a 47-year old behavioral therapist is recovering following an incident that took place earlier this week on Monday [July 18, 2016]. Charles Kinsey was in the street attempting to help his 23-year old autistic patient when officers were called to the scene when someone reported a man with a gun threatening suicide. What officers […]

Pittsburgh Police Expected to Boycott Beyoncé’s May 31 Show

Police seem to be standing their ground in their argument concerning Beyoncé and her controversial declaration, “Formation.” Numerous authorities believe Queen Bey is promoting anti-police through her music. Although Beyoncé has clarified the message behind the Black women’s summer anthem, officials have threatened to boycott the singer’s shows throughout several cities, and still the shows have progressed […]

Chris Brown Facing Charges After Doing Donuts on Neighbor’s Lawn

Chris Brown can’t seem to do anything right. In his continuos string of law breaking activities, the Los Angeles Police Department is now looking to charge the rapper for disturbing the peace after his neighbors called in a complaint about him riding his ATV around his Tarzana, California neighborhood. According to the Los Angeles Times, police say residents identified […]

Ferguson, MO Swears In First Black Police Chief

“Let’s get to work.” This was the phrase uttered by Ferguson, Missouri’s first African-American police chief, Delrish Moss, promising hope and the reconstruction of a community broken by a deepening racial rift and an unmistakable lack of trust of law enforcement. It was Monday [May 9] that Moss, a longstanding veteran of the Miami Police Department, was […]

Teen Shot By Baltimore Police For Carrying ‘Replica Gun’

On Wednesday [April 28], the anniversary of mass protests caused by Freddie Gray‘s killing by police, Baltimore cops shot and wounded a 13-year-old boy carrying a replica handgun, according to Al Jazeera. Two officers saw a teenager carrying what looked like a firearm, and they identified themselves and chased after the teen when he ran, […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Largest Gang Bust in NYC History

This morning [Wednesday, April 27] the New York City Police Department and federal authorities raided more than 100 locations in and around the Eastchester Gardens NYCHA housing complex in Williamsbridge, the Bronx in the biggest (and most surprising) gang bust in the city’s history. According to officials, authorities arrested around 100 Bronx gang members responsible […]