Council Member Richards Weekly Update (Jan. 31)

Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC) New York City Council Member Donovan Richards District 31 Weekly Update As we prepare for the celebration of Black History Month, it is my hope to not only celebrate the many accomplished heroes that have transformed society as we know it, but also to encourage a […]

Beyonce Takes Us To Rutgers University With Feminist Studies

It’s no secret that Hip-Hop is becoming a huge entity when it comes to education nowadays. In this case college courses are being offered on the subject. Some of our favorites from the legendary Bun B has taken the title as Professor Trill during his teaching at Rice University for “Religious Studies 331: Religion and Hip-Hop […]

Attorney General Schneiderman Newsletter (Jan. 17)

Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC) Dear Friend: Beginning with this first edition of my weekly newsletter, my goal is to ensure that you are given a snapshot of the work that my office is doing on behalf of all New Yorkers. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy […]

Muslim Hipsters Create Video To JayZ’s Somewhere In America

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Nq0NzRrfE Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail was one of the top albums of 2013. Feature song, ‘Somewhere In America’ sparked controversy from that one line, “Somewhere in America Miley is still twerking.’ But it’s bigger than rap. Creatives of Sheikh & Bake got together to display some of the most stylish Mipsterz to the song, […]

The Bronx Re-Elects Andy King And You Are Invited

Inauguration Invitation Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher @HHSYC January 5, 2014 Dear Friends and Neighbors, As a result of last week’s snow storm, I postponed my inauguration celebration for the safety of all. We are delighted to inform you that the celebration is rescheduled for Sunday, January 12th, at 3 p.m. at Evander Childs […]

HHSYC Supports $300,000 Gun Buy-Back With NYPD and NY City Council

Media Partners, Special Incentives Along With Cash Will Help Support Each Event and Break Gun Buy-Back Records By Charles Fisher & Randy Fisher @HHSYC The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council attended a Gun Buy-Back press conference on Sunday to take guns off the street and make this a safer city.  The uniqueness of this event is […]

Free Lynn Stewart!

Famed defense lawyer Lynn Stewart and supporters seek her freedom due to health concerns Activists, family and friends alike are pushing to have abolitionist attorney Lynn Stewart’s sentence commuted, thereby granting her an early release from prison, so she can better deal with the debilitating disease ravaging her body. “She is dying of cancer in […]

Reflections On President Hugo Chavez

Amsterdam News columnist Icepick Slim reveals the unseen side of the criticized Venezuelan leader Local reactions on the legacy of Hugo Chávez, 58, expressed gratitude for the progressive Venezuelan President’s non-compromising stance against foreign forces. The courageous leader succumbed to the effects of cancer on March 5th and was funeralised the following Friday in Caracas. […]

Today’s Mathematics

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Culture. Culture is one’s way of life and the way that you live is reflective of the history and education of a particular people or place. Language, fashion, and overall behavior are accented aspects of one’s culture, some of which are celebrated, while others are condemned and even prohibited. Civilized people’s […]

The Source Unveils The 15th Annual Power 30 Cover

The Source Magazine Presents the 15th annual POWER 30 issue. The issue which hits newsstands October 9th nationwide is jam packed with a strong focus on buisness, politcs and of course music. Inisde the Oct/Nov issue we crown our Power 30, Radio 30 and Digital 30. Highliting the 30 most powerful and influential people in […]

U.S. Supreme Court Passes “ObamaCare”

Today, in a landmark 5:4 decision during a very political season, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Barack Obama’s “ObameCare”. Obama Health Care Reform Bill is a plan to reform the American Health Care System by providing affordable health care to all Americans. The bill is, if it passes, will ensure that all […]